How much did u lose and what timescale?

Hey just wondering as I have my first meeting on wed night amd I reallllyyyyy wanna loose 2.5 stone by july 19th but not sure of this is realistic! Xx thanks and I hope u are all well xx feebs xx
Losses vary from person to person :)

In my opinion - yes, you should be able to lose that amount by July 19th.

For more concrete idea - have a look at SnS/Cambridge/Exante/Lipotrim forums - have a scout around and look at people's signatures. That will give you an idea of weekly losses expected on average on a VLCD. They're all the same in that respect.

:) Good luck!

BUT - don't look at mine - I'm an exceptionally slow loser ... an anomaly. Everyone else is MUCH faster than this!! :p