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How much do you exercise?


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Morning guys

I finally got my gym membership sorted out and have started going along. I went last Thursday and again on Monday. Both times I done a total of 30mins exercise, 15 mins on the treadmill and 15 mins on the bike. I have no idea how to use the other machines yet (still waiting on an induction date - this gym is useless btw) otherwise I would've done another 15mins on something for the upper body area..!

Anyway, I just want to know if you think that's enough? The Friday morning after my first session - my legs were killing me, but I've been fine after Monday's session which leads me to believe I never done enough. I'm going to keep going on Monday/Thursdays maybe up my stay to 45mins next time?

How much do you guys exercise? I just realised mine is an hour a week - not much really!!!!! Eeek :eek:
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30 minutes a day should be enough, however you could increase the intensity of your workout if you don't feel you're pushing yourself enough.
You could do this by increasing the resistance level of the machines you're using, try a different built-in programme (cardio, fat burn, hill climb etc), or try HIIT (high intensity interval training), where you would for example do 2 minutes at normal pace on the bike, then 1 minute at a sprint pace (not quite flat out), and then back to 2 mins normal, rinse and repeat.


I've started going out at lunchtime for a walk - seems to be helping, and I can usually manage about a mile and a half in 30 minutes, which I find is about right.
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I had this converation with one of the instructors at my gym the other day...she told me to really make a big difference, 2 x cardio and 2 x resistance/weights sessions in a week is the best combination. I do classes, as they're 45 mins each and the time goes much quicker for me (not very good at the gym - always talk myself out of it!). She also said simple things like getting off the tube one stop earlier, walking up escalators etc all actually make more difference than you think.

Personally, I think anything is better than nothing, and every little bit you do will make a difference, especially in combination with eating healthily :) I would say fit in whatever you can - if it's an hour a week great, if you can do more some weeks even better, but try to do half of your time doing cardio and half resistance - resistance really does make a difference to you toning up and losing inches as well as pounds. Good luck xx


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I don't do any exercise.... I really should as it would speed up my weight loss I'm sure, but the bottom line is, i'm lazy! :rotflmao:

I keep telling myself that I will start running up again...


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Well im useless on the best ways to get the most of going to the gym as I have never been and never intend on however, surely 1 hour a week if better than none so that can only be positive for your health and weightloss - start small and work your way up. I also guess that it depends on how much exercise you did prior to joining as to how long you should be doing it for, you wouldnt want to just jump in at the deep end surely? Im sure someone else with more knowledge than me will be along.... :)


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I play an hour of badminton a week. Now also do Davina Fit 3 x 1 hour a week, but have just discovered our sports centre does 'Zumba' dance classes so may do that instead of one of the Davina hours.

It has to be fun for me- I really don't mind exxercise at all as long as I can laugh, enjoy it and want to do it again- otherwise I would never do it


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Put simply I don't do enough exercise at the moment, however I have started getting off the bus and walking the 25mins home and also trying to get out at lunchtime for a walk! I have The Biggest Loser dvd on the Wii which I really need to dust off! xxx


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I do like exercise. 2/3 times a week I go to the gym. Tuesday night I do body combat, Wednesday night Street dance and abs express then Thursday just a standard gym routine - 10 min bike, 20 min cross trainer, 20 min treadmill followed by sit ups!

I love swimming but dont like the state it leaves my hair in afterwards! haha


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I do nowt at the moment, but have just bought a bike off eBay, so will be using that soon - and im going to train for Race for Life in June, so that will be great = the dark nights dont help, and i think i am definatley allergic to all gyms lol :D



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I do 30 mins on the treadmil, then some toning with weights 3/4 times a week. I also go swimming when i can in the week and always on the weekend.

I think you need to go at least 3 times a week to make a difference. 15 mins on each is fine though.build it up over times


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At the minute I'm playing football once a week and not much else :(

Going to get back to the gym tomorrow night though (SW tonight lol!). I have to make sure I take my kit to work and go in the evening otherwise I end up getting home and sitting down and nothing else happens!


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I try to exercise for 30 minutes between three to five times a week on my Wii and I go the the gym about once a week and exercise there for about an hour. It doesn't seem like much but makes a huge difference. I'm much fitter for it and best of all my bad back is much, much better. However, I'm not sure that it makes much difference to my weight loss which is mostly slow and steady.


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I'm doing 3 or 4 sessions per week atm. I go to a class, which is a mixture of aerobic exercise and toning for legs, bums and tums. I also jog twice per week - only 2 miles at the moment, but I'm going to step it up to 3 miles. Then if I'm feeling energetic, I will do a 30/40 min session on my cross-trainer.
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When i go to the gym i usually do 10 mins on the bike for a warm up, 15 mins on the treadmill uphill and at a brisk pace, 20 mins on the cross trainer then cool down with 5 mins on the reclining bike. I also do bicep, tricep, abs and leg weights too. Remember if you have never really done much exercise before you need to increase your intake gently and only do as much as your capable of there is no point over doing it straight away coz it takes the enjoyment out of it.

I was mega mega mega unfit when i started i couldnt even manage a couple of minutes on the cross trainer without feeling like i was going to collapse, now i can manage about 20 mins on it.

Get them to sort your induction out and then they should give you a plan to follow as well as making sure you're using the machines correctly too.

Any exercise is better than none.


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I've just started at the gym too - about 3 weeks ago. Don't be discouraged if you put on weight at first! I gained my first week, lost my second week and gained my 3rd week! Some of that was down to alchol and pizza tho so my fault!! Keep at it as it's really good for you. I know that if I keep going it will pay off soon!!


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The key is starting at a level that just pushes you and then keeping it at a level that just pushes you - which will get higher in intensity / duration as your fitness improves.

Do try and build some toning / resistance work in too - a pound of muscle takes up half the space of a pound of fat but uses twice the number of calories!

I am totally addicted to the gym - 2-3 body pump classes a week, 1-2 legs, bums and tums, 1 water aerobics and 3 sessions of mixed cardio lasting 45 mins. And 2 yoga classes. The body pump has totally changed my body shape :D


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I do quite a lot of exercise, i go to the gym 4/5 times a week and jog/run 4 miles (gradually building up my distance over time!! :)) then do lots of abs exercises, some weights on the gym balls, and do bicep and tricep weights, then if i have time i do up to half an hour on the cross trainer...sometimes mix it up with cycling or the stepper too! Also go on the wii fit...my mum goes mad with me jogging around the house!! :)


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I don't. I'm lazy :-(

I walk my dog and I walk her quickly, we do about an hour a day (in two stints) but that is all I do.

I love exercising, don't get me wrong, I just can't be bothered. I live in a quite remote village and it's 30 mins to go to a gym, pool or exercise class so I don't do any of that.

I know I should exercise more but I'm just lazy.

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I walk to work and back which is half hour each day. And i've just started using an exercise bike. Will try and do half an hour maybe 3 times a week. Better than nothing I guess!

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