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How much do you spend...


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I'm sat at home, off work unwell and i'm thinking about what to buy dhb for Christmas. Usually every year he knows of some computer gadget that he wants - not this year though! So I thought about buying him a selection of clothes for his new job. How much do you spend on your partner at Christmas? £100? £200? More? :eek: !!!
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Well... when you have kidlets Christmas priorities change a bit for most people depending on budget lol this year i bought him an LED Samsung tv very nice (well i kinda wanted a new tv anyway :D) wont tell you how much it cost

Alot of this though emma is varied really aint it depending on peoples money situations XX
Hi Emma, Christmas for me and my H2B normally does along this route... we set a limit of say, £50, then one of us goes over and the other matches it, then the other goes over and we match it again, last year we ended up spending over £550 on each other - madness!

So this year we have set a £50 limit and are going on a skiing trip in Jan as our 'treat' to each other.

I think the main thing is just to have fun on Christmas morning / boxing day, whenever you open your presents :)


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This year I've spent about £150. Sometimes it's more but we are going on holiday on 1st January so we need some cash for spends!


Going for Goal!
Oh good! I have been thinking of taking £100 cash and buying him clothes - i think I will stick to this! I may throw in a ps3 game for good measure, men are not like women when it comes to clothes!!!
haha! im like that! i cant help myself, this week i bought myself a ysl pack, i got a touche eclat, mascara and a face product while i went and got some xmas bits, and i do have someone else to buy for! :)

This year so it doesnt get silly we are buying a wii for both of us and then one pressie for £20 so only just over a £100 each. we set £170 budget last year and i ended up with £20's worth of socks!!!! i wasnt very happy as i didnt even need bloody socks! I dont think he will ever buy me socks again! lol! xxx


please try again
£20 here is the limit for everyone. the only person who gets more spent on her is kaya


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Having 4 kids means me & hubby dont usually get much, maybe £50? BUT the bugger this year has got me a motorbike OMG (hence being so good on CD this time round lol). I was gonna get him a book & some clothes but WHAT DO I GET HIM NOW!! lol
I say do whats affordable, no point stressing out or upping a visa just for pressies :)

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