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How much does TOTM effect weigh in?


WILL be Slim!
Its my first one, so dreading weigh in tomorrow now! Although it does explain why i have been grumpy!

Just dont want to put any weight on! Nothing but CD has passed my lips this week and i am so focused and motivated that i will be mortified if totm effects it a lot!

What's your experience?

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Well it was my totm for this week's weigh in and I only lost 1 1/2lb. Still, better off than on-if I'd been on any other diet I would have gained for sure.:)


Speaks as she finds
same with me....i know when its my TOTM as my weight loss usually slows down a bit (the worst ever being 1 pound) BUT it comes off quite nicely in the following weeks so it doesnt worry me too much!! And as sparkles said, any other diet andm i probably would of gained!! ;)


can see the end in sight!
it's mine this week and i have lose 1.5lbs instead of the usual 3 to 4lbs, but not worried as have still lost a stone in the last 4 weeks. everyones different though!


Cambridge Consultant
To be honest with you I dont think my weight has really been effected by totm...

my losses were 4, 2, 5 3/4, and 3..
I gues we are all different I know I feel more bloated around that time for sure. and very very moody..

Hope it doesnt effect your loss. x


WILL be Slim!
my dh weighed me earlier and said i had STS :(
Will wait and see what happens tomorrow when i see my cdc, and its a day early so am trying not to get too disheartened!
I know the diet works, just need to hope that totm doesnt screw it up too much! :(


Cambridge Consultant
Hey Liz..
Just wanted to say wait to you go tomorrow dont get disheartned.
I jump on and off my scales at home before weigh in and when I go its always something different.

So chin up and let us know how you get on . I am sure you will have a good loss xx


is going to do this!
It can slow down yes, but it honestly doesn't matter. It isn't fat that you're holding onto, it's water, so even if the scales show a 2lb loss, you could easily have lost 5lbs, and gained 3lbs of water.

Do your measurements tomorrow and see the difference. As I always say, would you rather be a size 20 and weigh 12 stone, or a size 12 and weigh 20 stone? Because no-ones going to see what the scales say when they look at you, they're going to see your body shape and size. I bet you anything you're measurements have gone down, and that's what matters.
Good luck with you weigh in :) xxx
My TOTM doesn't really affect my weight loss, I have lost 5lb both times now.....

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