how much folic acid did you or are you taking?


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just a bit worried as have heard from a lady whos bmi is high that she has been prescribed 5mg of folic acid. now when i saw my midwife for the first time i asked if i needed to take any more than the normal amount and she said no? i am now worried that i was told wrong ?

i am 13 weeks tomorrow.
can anyone advise me ?
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i stopped after 12 but i missed the odd one within the 12 weeks.feel awful but it was odd day ran out late for wrk.
hope this dont effect in anyway


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Hey I took 4mg prior to falling pregnant and till I was 12 weeks then my mw told me it was ok to stop as your onto the 2nd trimester. My BMI is high and I had to go to a special unit at the hospital for extra scans and mw appts. They do that for anyone with a BMI over 40 here.


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Hi I'm high risk and have to keep taking Folic acid and vitamin D through the whole pregnancy, so don't worry it's a good think you don't have to keep taking it :)


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My dd is pregnant 9 weeks to go and her midwife told her its safe to take till she gives birth so she's still taking it