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How much physillium husks ?

I normally put a teaspoon in a shake if I still want to drink it. In the winter, I make up a shake with hot water, pour it into a bowl, sprinkle on 2 or 3 teaspoons of PH and whisk it in to make a porrige (yum). I also put 2 teaspoons in soup to make a thick broth (bit like lentil soup consistancy).

As we're not having much in the way of fibre on this diet, it's ok to have more than the 2 tsps per day recommended on the pack. You just have to fiddle around to see what suits you and what 'works'. :)
Thanks R.D so the 2 tablespoons should be enough ! I'm gonna try the soup thing, though when I first bought P.H I put some in a ten cal soup and it went gluppy almost jelly like, couldn't drink it.
The secret is not to use freshly boiled water (I use 100ml cold water topped up to 350/400ml of boiling), not to use TOO much PH and not to over-mix. I can use my braun hand blender because I've been doing it for so long and I know how not to make it gloopy - but you'd probably be better off making up the soup as normal, pouring it into a bowl and whisking the PH in gradually with a fork or a balloon whisk. (Same technique as the porrige)

In the cold weather, a toffee and walnut shake made as a porrige with some cinnamon sprinkled over really makes a 'proper' breakfast if you need it.
I used to use a level teaspoon.

Shakes were fine but soups used to be too thick if I ever tried to add more than this.
I used to use a level teaspoon.

Shakes were fine but soups used to be too thick if I ever tried to add more than this.
Depends how thick you like 'em Lee ;)
Well I tried it with the cheese and brocolli soup and it wasn't too bad. I added a large tablespoon to half the mixture with cold water then nuked it in the microwave was'nt too bad I think you need to drink it pretty quick though, mind you I drink them all quick
A teaspoon doesn't seem much perhaps two tablespoons will be too much ?
I reckon 2 tablespoons in one pack would be WAY too much.
thanx for the great info i am thinking of getting some of these as i think you need a bit of bulk inside cos you dont get a lot on here do you
That's the big downside of a VLCD ... psyllium husks soon put that right :)
I have two heaped TEA SPOONS twice a day.
I mix them with a little bit of water flavoured with summer berry, and it's gone in about 5 gulps. I only have tetras and I wouldnt want to add it to those incase I spoil it. They are deffo worth getting though.

xx sj xx

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