how much till the 28th?


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hey guyz... day 1 again but this time reaallllyyyy focused. my question is im gonna go see my family in scotland on the 28th. If i really really stick to lt the proper way, loads of water n walks etc... how much will i be able to loose by the 28th? thats 18 days. do u think il be able to loose a stone???
I weigh 11 stone exactly and im 5.3. my final goal is 9st.
all tips and advise to enhance weight loss will be highly appreciated :)
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I know its possible, i lost 12lbs in my first week and then 4lbs in my second week. It all depends on your body make up and how. Good luck, keep positive and follow the plan to the letter.


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Definately a possibilty hun. Most people lose quite a bit in week one then 3lbs & over after that (some have massive losses but you dont have a great deal to lose so I think between 3 & 4 lbs each week for you).
Good luck with it


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Hi,i reckon your lose quite big 1st week most pople do! my friend didnt have lots to lose but still managed 8lbs 1st week & i had loads to lose & lost 1stone 1st guessing your do at least 7lb 1st week of that if you really stick to it by the book....good luck!!! caz xx