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How much weight do you gain over the day?


Bouncy Castle
Before we start, yes: weighing yourself too much is the path to insanity and we should all hide our scales. But i'm not going to do that and I bet i'm not alone.

Anyway, right. Between weighing myself in 'la nue' first thing after a wee, and getting home from work fully dressed, two to three litres drunk, one or two packs eaten and again after a wee (obv!) I've gained around 6-8lbs.

Just wondering if that was pretty much standard.
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3-4lbs is average for me between first thing and after-work and clothed (weigh-in time)
I fluctuate between 2-3 pounds. I wish i could get weighed in the mornings wiv my cd. I think it also depends on water intake and cd products like u said. I really hate my scales but i cant keep off the bloody things .


Bouncy Castle
obviously it strikes me that the smaller we get, the less our clothes will weigh. my bras must weigh a fair bit all on their own!
Think mines at least 2 lb on average x
Mine varies, but usually around the 2-3lb mark.

I don't go by my CDC's scales, I go by mine, first thing in the morning in the nuddy after the loo lol x After all that is our true weight isn't it :p
I'm between 2-4 lbs heavier but that's wearing pjs either end of the day.clothes obvs weigh a couple of lbs. X


Bouncy Castle
34k. but yes. i'd probably get decent scrap value for the underwires!
Even though I am one of the hide the scales from view peeps, I do remember from my first time on CD that my weight could fluctuate upwards of 4-6 lbs!!!
I flatly refuse to believe any scale reading after my first thing in the morning, post wee and au naturalle!!!!!

Spangles: 34k........blimey, you have a tiny back, I am a 38DD/E. Although now on week 4 I have noticed that my bangers are shrinking, hopefully my backsize will too down to a less mud wrestler 36 :D. And yes you are worth a fortune in scrap metal :8855:
yup - when i started the diet i was a size 24 and yet 'only' a 36k. weirdy slim back. and it's very evidently where i've lost weight first, too. which is good for sharpening up the hourglass shape, but not exactly one of my hated parts (stomach apron, upper arms, thighs) that a girl is desperate to lose!


Feeling Motivated
Mine fluctuates 3-4 lbs in a day, I really should weigh myself in the 'nuddy' both morning & evening :)


Girl on a mission
My weight over the day is also 6-8lbs, but like eclipse I only really go by my nudey weigh in the morning. :) lol. And nope don't intend to ever weigh in the nudey with me cdc loool x
if only my CDC would tolerate me arriving on her doorstep at half past six (am) in my dressing gown...


Feeling Motivated
Someone please give it a go :) maybe nudey weigh ins are the way forward, lol
if only my CDC would tolerate me arriving on her doorstep at half past six (am) in my dressing gown...
Lol - me too, I gain loads of the course of a day, so much so that I've just changed my weigh in from Monday night to a Saturday morning at 8.15am. Hopefully I'll be able to get there without having a pack or any water to try to maximise the weigh in lol :D
I've just bought some scales and for me it seems to be 1-3lbs depending on how... er... "backed up" I am! Water doesn't seem to add much weight to me, as I've weighed myself first thing before and after a pee and seen no shift.

Lots of women get the 6-8lb shift though due to the sort of lady stuff you'd expect! Spangles, aren't you trying for a baby with your SO? Could be hormonal weight. :)

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