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how much weight has anyone put back on after going off a VLCD


Hi there!
I have lost not gained since finishing my lighter life VLCD - I finished May last year and I am now a stone lighter than my end weight!

I am hoping to stay slim for a whole year and then I will feel confident in my ability to control my weight for the rest of my life!

Hope that helps you believe that weight loss can be maintained as long as you make concious decisions at all times!:p


I did Cambridge in 2005 and I've not put on any weight since then (approx 18 months), in fact like Nadia I have also lost over a stone since.

I know of people who have put weight on after various different diets - all you have to do is overeat and steer clear of exercise to do that - but you can make the decision not to be one of those people :)
S: 14st4lb C: 13st1.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 35.8 Loss: 1st2.5lb(8.25%)
Wow Nadine, you've done great!

I think what you said is key though...making conscious decisions at all times. It is of course possible to put back on all the weight and more if we CHOOSE to ignore what we have learned and fall back in to bad habits.

We can choose to go through the proper management programmes to the end, think about what we have learned every day, have our weight checked regularly so a small gain doesn't turn into a big one!

I amticipate that I will always have a weight problem unless I keep on top of it forever. My plan is to complete management, then follow a fairly strict diet during the week, allowing one day of freedom at the weekend and a 2nd day of moderate freedom. I also plan to check in with my counsellor fortnightly to see how its going and stay for meetings if I am struggling. I plan to never be more than half a stone up from my target without addressing it. As far as I can see this is the only way forward for me.

I hasten to add I don't see it negatively, following a healthy diet most of the time will be empowering and health and energy rewarding! Keeping a check on it will make me feel I am in control of it and I am sure long term I will be happier for it. Being slim isn't what makes you happy I know, but feeling like at least that part of your life is under control does help a little. If nothing else its one less thing to worry about lol!

Anyway, don't be put off by any scare stories, you CAN lose this weight AND keep it off !!!



Yes it can be done. I reached my goal weight in April last year and have maintained at around the same weight ever since. I put on a few pounds over Christmas, which I'm now losing again doing the 1200 plan.

I eat a GI/healthy diet, which really suits me as I feel full most of the time and my exercise is walking, I do around 10,000 steps per day.

If you follow the stabilisation process and then maintence you won't put weight back on.
I stopped in November last year and I am also lighter, by about 4lbs, follow the plan, make healthy and wise choices and you'll be just fine x

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