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how often do you weigh yourself?

do you ONLY weigh yourself at yr weekly weigh in with yr cdc or do you do it more often during the week?

i used to weigh myself everyday at 1 point but not so much now. I think this week i'll probably cheat and have a sneaky look even though im going to TRY my hardest not to so i have a surprise next tuesday....
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Gone fishing
I weighed every evening and morning :D

I still weigh ever morning before breakfast. I enjoy it :D
I weigh every morning to keep me on the straight and narrow. Nothing like the scales showing a pound or two on (water retention usually) to focus the mind!!

Theresa x


Silver Member
I'm bad, I weigh myself almost everytime I go to the bathroom. Sad but true!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I must admit I am also a serial scale hopper and weigh myself two or three times in the morning ( once on my own scales and once on the scales I use as a CDC) and again before I go to bed,
* think I may have a problem mmmm:D:D*

Though i don't seem bothered if I gain a pound or so in that time as I only count my 'official ' weight on a monday morning!

I was told by my CDC not to weigh myself. So I hav'nt. Not knowing everyone else did. LOL
Every twenty minutes.....


Totally Focused
Every other day usually - but sometimes I can't help myself!!
every morning ( after the loo of course)

every evening before bed (after the loo LOL)

It shocks me to see how much difference there can be from the night to next morning
Never at home, just for my weekly weigh in. I used to weigh myself every day and became obsessed with it, so much so my DH threw out my scales as I was having major issues and it was making me depressed. Sad eh?? So now I know I have to be good :)

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