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How often is 'Normal'


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Is it 'normal' to only go for a erm, no.2 once a week?
How often do you guys go?
I was gonna get some of those phylum husk but when i read the label it said something about making sure you drink enough, blah blah cos of choking! So it put me off a bit.
Also, I only go the once and even then its cos Ive used dulcolax. Otherwise im in agony. I must say, the toilet situation is deffo the worst aspect of this diet.
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I have problems with constipation generally. On the first week of the diet, I went 3 times but since then I've relied on taking dulcolax once a week to go. I also need to buy the psylium husks but have not got round to doing so x


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Got to say I recommend the Fibre 89 thing. It isn't psyllium husk, its some sort of vegetable fibre, it dissolves to nothing and you can't tell its in your shake. It does seem to make a difference. I forgot for a couple of days and knew about it! sooooo much pain. Agreed its the worst thing about the diet, I don't remember it being this bad on LL but there we go perhaps I have blocked it from my memory!

Fibresure seems to work as well - that IS psyllium - but in powder form. Proper psyllium makes stuff lumpy, is that right?

Fybogel used to be recommended on LL but a) it is vile and b) i haven't seen it mentioned on CD, so maybe best not.

you have my sympathies....


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I've been taking the fibre 89 and it's made no difference. I've had a poo once a week. Today I went and bought some dulcolax as I can't stand it any more.


is gonna do it!!
S: 14st9lb G: 9st0lb
Yeah dulcolax gets th job done, thats for sure!! that fibre stuff no good for me either.


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I go about once every two days, but I'm on ss+ and over the weekend I have a little chicken or fish with a tiny bit of salad, so I guess that would 'produce' more than just shakes/bars/soup all the time...


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I had similar problems all the way through CD never used the CD89 stuff it seemed expensive .I had psyillium husks in my warm shakes made it into a bit of poridge /meal not to everyones taste but worth giving a second chance .You will find the reciepe on here somewhere if you do a search think I used 2/3 teaspoons with warm /hot water and 1 vanilla shake .Did find that it helped I was only going once twice a week but no more pain so well worth it .I got my husks from someone on ebay think they have a shop called herb moon if you look on line .They are only fibre so they are just used to bulk out what you are already having so do always have some water at the same time not a problem for us on CD lol


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i have these problems sooooooooooo bad, i have tried fibre 89- no help, tried using dulcolax stool softner every couple of days- no help, and the husks- no help,and in order to make me go i end up taking 3 dulcolax laxatives - a big sad face :(- they give me bad tummy craps too, i have never in my life ever experienced so much pain i this department ever! sorry tmi coming now- i kept bleeding alot and went to docs and they told me to stop but i dont want to so i will just keep looking for a new alternative.... so on tuesday i went to boots and bought some glycerol suppositories which i havent yet found the courage to try... eekkkkkk........ that will be a new experience for me!! wish me luck!!
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It's funny because I bought some senoknot expecting to need them on this diet. When I did LL I went for the first 9 days without 'going' until I took pills. On CD though I've had to go every day so far (on day 5 now), only a little bit and quite watery (sorry!!!) but I expected to have problems again. I suppose I have been drinking at least 3ltrs of water, and my LL counseller used to tell us drinking more helped.

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