How often to weigh yourself?


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Just wondered what everyone was doing about weighing themselves? I know you're only supposed to weigh once per week, but I find that really hard. I used to weigh myself every day, but now have cut down to 2 x per week. If I've lost weight, I find it really motivating for the rest of the week, although obviously the reserve is also true!

What do you guys do??
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Hiya, well for me since I only just started today, I have decided to weigh and take measurements once a week on Mondays. Don't really like the scales, so once a week is fine for me.....


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i have to admit that i usually weigh myself every day when im doing a tfr (lost 70lbs beg of 2008) as i find it helps with my motivation but once finished i go back to once a week/fortnight as my weight seems to fluctuate a lot more then when eating real food

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I dont have scales so will just be weighing when ever im at a friends who has scales lol!


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omg i need to stop weighing myself . i weigh myself like everyday . I need to stop it but its like a addiction haha i need accurate scales like digital scales which tell me exactly how much i weigh. Right now i feel lighter but then i go weigh myself and im like maybe 1 lb down but it just depends when you weigh yourself during the day/month soooo i need to try n stop.


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Once a week is my aim, sometimes I do hop on in between but always find it a disappointment so try not to do it.