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  1. scribe

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    I went for my 7th week weigh in last night and had lost 2.5lbs. I felt very down because I so wanted to loose my 3stone. Prior to this I'd lost 38.3lbs in six weeks and was loosing between 3.5 and 4.8lbs after a good start. I know its totally irrational because I know if I'd been going to Slimming World or Weight Watchers I would have been well pleased with that result. I also know I was poorly last week and missed three meals but I still feel down. It may be because I'm still feeling a bit off colour but has anybody else felt like this. I think I need a boot in the rear!:(
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  3. IreneH

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    you're probably feeling down because you're off colour. Your weight loss is great and the weight will drop off in its own time so don't worry or be disappointed.
    You can do this.

    Irene xx
  4. boofaloo

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    I think sometimes we expect too much and get used to losing a large amount. Then when we dont, we feel disappointed when the results dont match our expectations!

    I bet if you had said to yourself. I just want to lose 2lbs this week you'd feel completely different. Do you get what i mean?

    You have done amazingly well and your weight loss is FAB. Look how far you've come and then go easy on yourself. You've been ill but you've still managed to lose 2.5 lbs. Well Done!!!
  5. Lesleyfx

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    I know what you mean, but look at it this way.... I was losing 1 or 2 lb per week for 4 weeks, then I lost 3.5kg last week. No difference on what I've been doing so no idea why it happens, but it does. I'm just grateful it's going down! :)
  6. desperate2lose

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    Hi scribe

    I look to you for inspiration after your loss. We started about the same time (in week 7) and i lost 27lbs so far and have loads to go. You have done amazingly well and you ought to be proud of that. We all feel down from time to time and you have us minis to support you when you do.

    Well done for your wonderful loss.
  7. chicken on a mission

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    I totally understand where you are comming from. On my weigh in for the 100 days foundation stage of LL I really wanted to have lost a nice round 4 1/2 stone and only needed to lose 2.2lbs to do it.

    ...I put on 1lb that week :eek: which was a big shock because I stuck to the programme 100% and hadn't even remotely cheated.

    I consolled myself with the thought that I could not have hoped to do so well if I hadn't been on a VLCD and this week I lost more to make up for last week but it can never compensate for that milestone weight loss I was hoping for :rolleyes: Oh well, the losses continue and we will get to goal whilst our bodies continue to be unpredictable just to test us and ensure that we take nothing for granted and continue to work hard and doing the best we can :D
  8. scribe

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    Thankyou everyone for your support I feel better already and am looking forward to my next weigh in
  9. mummydebbie

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    hi scribe 2.5lb is good please don,t be disapointed anything off is good news i suggest you go to a supermarket and pick up a couple of pks of lard and you,ll see what 2.5 lb looks like you have lost that i have lost the weight my son and he feels so heavy 4and and i can,t lifed him for long belive me and i was carrying the weight
    i have another 4 and a half stone to lose and then it would be the weight of my 23 year old daughter so how good will that make me feel
    tc debbie
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