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How to bring on labour...

Hey all, not been around for a while but me and bump are doing ok, thanks for the message PurpleHugs x.

Babe is on the small side but nothing to worry about, she also keeps moving around so 1 week she's breech next she's not :rolleyes:

I had a chat with my consultant who said she would be willing to get me induced at around 38 weeks cos of the SPD pain however when I went back i saw a new consultant and she wasn't willing to book one because she thinks it will lead to a C section :/ so now I'm looking for ways to bring on the labour myself

I'm going for a sweep on Wednesday so don't plan on doing anything til then just wondering if any of you have tested anything and had it work? x
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Hi, I don't normally post on here, but I had my son 10 months ago. I drank around 3 cups of raspberry leaf tea a day for the last few weeks of pregnancy, and I also took evening primrose oil (2 oral daily, and used one as a pessary at night). The EPO helps ripen your cervix. Most methods to try and induce yourself will only really work if you're about ready to go into labour anyway, but the EPO won't do any harm, and try using it alongside walking alot.

I had to be induced at 39 weeks, because I had pre eclampsia, but when I went in for induction I was already 3cm dilated, I'm sure this stuff helped! But before trying anything like this I'd always check with your midwife :)

Good luck with the birth

Louise xx
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i've heard sex helps!! something in the sperm is the same stuff they use to induce, but I suppose you have to be close to the time too =)


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There are the usual ones, walking, sex, curries, fresh pineapple but one thing I always say to patients is that if you're not ready then none of these will help!! That much was borne out to be true when they induced me for spd, I had a rocket practically shoved up my foof (13 sweeps, 4 pessaries, hormone drip etc etc) and they still didn't get me into labour!!


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hi lissy my sister was due on thurs and we're still waiting. she hasnt even talked about a sweep, being induced or anthing like that its just a waiting game isnt it



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Sex worked for me and made my daughter come 2 weeks early lol


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Yep, sex, sex and more sex....lol :eek::D:D:D. Worked for me all 3 times :D:D:D
Well I'm gonna look for the raspberry tea and EPO, this is the first time I've heard of pineapple bringing on labour, but I don't like it :( sex is pretty much out of the question too cos my OH is scared of my bump he won't touch my stomach so sex has been a no go for months now lol

I have heard of Clary Sage Essential Oil bringing it on and when I bought some from eBay the bottle came with a warning not to be used by anyone who is pregnant anyone heard of this one?

@Sunflowers, 13 sweeps?! I feel so sorry for you... I had 1 with my first and it hurt so much I wanted to hit the midwife!


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Yup - they admitted me at 38+2 for something else but then decided to try daily sweeps until I was more favourable.. Rotten lot!!

There is an enzyme in fresh pineapple which is thought to trigger labour but you'd need to eat lots of them!!

The three oils I used were clary sage, jasmine and lavender and I rubbed all 3 liberally on my bump about 6 times a day. Sadly it did nothing to my favourability but it did make both my bump and my room in hospital smell lovely so there's always a silver lining! :D

Purple Hugs

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Great to hear from you, glad you are doing well despite the SPD pain. Hope that baby knows you want the end to be soon! ((Hugs))
I have read all the above as well as walking up and down stairs side ways (like a crab) and LONG walks..
But I do think it's a case of baby starting things off generally and everything else just adds to it. ((Hugs))
Fingers x'd for you.
Sunflower - that amount of sweeps sounds awful! ((hugs))


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Caster Oil, tastes disgusting and makes you go to the toilet ALOT, but our chemist wont sell it to pregnant women because it induces labour and they know why they are buying it...

If you get it, mix 1 tablespoon with orange juice and drink it quick!!

stay by a toilet though hehe xxx


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The enzyme in fresh pineapple that supposedly helps bring on labour is called Bromelain. I took that too, lol. You can buy it in tablet form from any health food store. The tablets are stronger than fresh pineapple.

And if you have a gym ball try bouncing away on that.

The sex thing is true too, but just to gross you all out, it's apparently more effective if you ingest the *ahem* prostaglandins.

Can you tell I spent far too long reading up on all this?!
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I think that the baby just comes when it's ready, OH and I had sex almost every day of my pregnancy, I had curries, the lot, the only thing I didnt try was castor oil, I had a previous section and it's apparently more risky so I thought sod that.

I had my son 19 weeks ago (8 days early) and beleive that the shock of taking my other son to the cinema and paying out £24 for 2 tickets, 2 drinks and a bag of popcorn sent me into labour! :eek:

My first son was 3 weeks early, but I wasnt doing anything to try and bring it on.
RLT does not cause labour btw.. its a proven fact.. lol.. it can cause BH.. but unless your body is wanting to go into labour.. nothing will work otherthan being induced properly..
i hate that RLT gets a bad name.. its amazing stuff.. truely amazing :D
x x


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Yup, the RLT is to make your uterus contract more efficiently, and supposedly help make labour a little easier. Mine was 5h 45 mins, which is good for a first labour, plus I was induced, and went into labour straight away!

Purple Hugs

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hmm interesting stuff. :)


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RLT assists uterine tone thereby making your contractions more effective! Assuming you've had an uncomplicated pg you can take it from 32 weeks, I did this with jocelyn and started on one 400mg tablet each day and upped it by one tablet weekly from 34 weeks until I was on 4 tablets a day (so took one tablet daily at 32 weeks and 33 weeks, 34 weeks took 2 daily, 35 weeks I took 3 daily and then 4 daily from 36 weeks until she was born).

I had a section for failed induction and fetal distess so whether it would have helped my labour I wouldn't know but I certainly had much more minimal lochia than most other mums I've seen (and I've seen a few ;) ) so it definitely helped with uterine tone post delivery!


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Oh, one other thing, it can be quite common to get a lot of braxton hicks each time you up the dose!


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That meant nothing to me hahaha, i take it it means that it improves the strenght in your uterus so it is more able to deal with contractions and use them for what they are meant for (pushing baby down)? xx

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