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How to comit to losing weight once and for all, please share your story

i have lots of reasons. i want to be comfortable in my own skin, wear the clothes i want to , be fit enough to play with my kids, not feel like everyone is watching how much i eat at parties and things. not feel clumsy when i'm doing things and my fat backside knocks things over behind me!!
I need a reason, a strong reason to survive this diet, what do you do? what goes through your head? Please I beg you... give me hope
I am doing this to be the person that I perceive myself to be, slim, attractive, happy. In my dreams I am not the overweight, miserable blob that I actually am. What is going to keep me going is being able to go into whatever shop I want to buy pretty things to wear, knowing that I will look good.

Being able to read all the inspirational stories on here really does help.

Good luck and keep the faith xx

Hope u are having a great day :)

Well I personally believe that other people can give you millions of reasons on why they are trying to loose the weight but at the end of the day it all boils down to why YOU want to loose weight. Us as humans are driven by pleasure and pain. I believe you have reached a point in your life where you have decided that you are not going to accept your current weight so you have done the hard part. You have already committed yourself to loosing weight. The hard part is keeping yourself motivated. For that I would suggest that you write down all the reasons why you are wanting to transform your body. Make a chart..draw ..use colours ..what ever it takes and look at it every morning.

Don't look back and think that you have failed millions of time and u are going to stay fat. You need to have a GOAL and keep your eyes fixed on that and never accept defeat. Remember we did not get fat in a day...it was a result of years of over-eating so don't expect INSTANT results as you will set yourself up for dissapointment. You might fall off a couple of times but instead of beating urself for that get back right on track and hang out with people who will help you achieve your goals. Get yourself a mentor or person who has already lost the weight..they will be able to guide you even better.

Hope that helps...wishing you all the best in your weight loss journey...lastly FOCUS on what you WANT and not on what you DON'T want...meaning think about being THIN and not thinking that Oh my God I'm so FAT as it will just make u feel worse than u really are :)

I need a reason, a strong reason to survive this diet, what do you do? what goes through your head? Please I beg you... give me hope
I used to be quite active, but my health and my fitness has been deteriorating rapidly. I was in Belize in December and took a trek through the rainforest, to an underground river, which we swam through and then waded, crawled and climbed to the back of a three mile cave system to find ancient mayan scarifices to their rain god.

Even though it was a relatively simple trek and the caving wasn't too difficult, I struggled all the way, and in some parts of the cave I felt that I couldn't get through as I was too big.

I managed it, but I realised that at 45, I should have been able to do this quite easily.

On that same holiday I also went sailing, and scuba diving in the sea around Belize, and each dive was a struggle, I just wasn't enjoying it.

I thought about what I wanted out of life, what I wanted to do when I retired, was it sitting in front of the TV until I died, or was it getting out and enjoying the world each day, visitng my children and their grandchildren and watching them explore the world too.

That holiday made me realise that, for me, being clinically obese meant that I would do less and less of the things I enjoy, and I would not live as long to enjoy them, nor to see my children enjoy them, and maybe not even live long enough to see my grandchildren.

On my return, I though about what weight I wanted to be when I turned 50 and then on to my retirement, and realised if I left it until then it would be harder to achieve, and I would miss out on a lot of my life inbetween, so having decided on what weight I wanted to be I decided to get there as quickly as possible, and to start now.

I might fall ocassionally, but I get right up again and focus on my life goal.
I want to be more confident, I want to be excited about a party etc not spend weeks trying to think up an excuse not to go, I want to go out for dinner and not think everyone is thinking "you don't need to eat that" I want to look good for my wedding next year and make my partner proud of me. I just want to be the happy, outgoing 24 year old I should be, instead of the quiet, depressed, never go out one that I am now! This is what is going to keep me going, everytime I feel like giving in, I remember why I am doing this and then I get through another day.
I want to look in the mirror and like what I see

I want to walk into any shop and be able to pick something off the rail that fits

I want to be fitter and healthier

I want my husband to look at me and think Phwoar!

I want to lose that feeling that I am not as good as slimmer people ( because society see heavier people that way unfortunately)

I want all of the above and I feel great waking up every morning knowing that I am a day closer to getting them because I followed CD the day before

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