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How to not think about food?

I started CD today but I have already blipped. I´m not going to cry about it because it´s just pointless, but I´m really annoyed.
I don´t understand how the rest of you can make it through weeks and weeks? How do you keep from thinking about food and most importantly eating it?
If you have any advice for a little newbie I will be most thankful!
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Hi Summer,
I have restarted CD today..so far so good.
All I can say is that it gets much easier when ketosis kicks in. LAst time round I found that I really didn't want food at all, in fact when I was preparing dinner for my kids, thing that I used to enjoy smelled really odd and not nice. Bacon would smell like pig poo! Literally like the smell off a farm, it turned my stomach. Just be strong, don't worry about a little blip, put it to one side and think hour by hour or even minute by minute until the magic K kicks in. It's easy peasy from there on!


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Hi Summer, Im on day 1 also and im with you .. i havnt blipped but just know my danger time is after7pm when kids go to bed .. so am going to have a nice warm bath lots of bubbles .. may even paint my nails ..
I just wanted to say your not on your own! ..

Linnyloo i get what you mean by your post, but my brain refuses to believe that you actually dont feel hungry when you hit the magic K .. is it somthing you have to feel to believe ?
Hi Pixie,

Honestly, its like nothing else, if you have never been in ketosis it is difficult to explain, but it totally knocks your appitite out! YOu feel on cloud nine you really do. You get a burst of energy and it is so liberating to not be enslaved to food. The major drawback is that you get the breath of lucifer!!!!!Lol

Stick with it ladies, when we all join the magic K club it really does get easier!


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Hey Summer,
Hang in there its hard at first but once you get into it and go into Ketosis you will be well on your way.
Keep yourself busy get stuck into a good book or read a magazine go for a walk a hot bubble bath anything to take your mind of food. If there is a certain time of day that you know is not a great time for you then save one of your products till then. You dont have to have one for breakfast, lunch etc you can have them when you want..
hang in there hon its so worth it when you see the results.


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hey well the breath of lucifer is somthing to look forward to aye ! haha ....
Hoover, Shower, Wash Hair, Paint Nails (this is good cos you can't tuch anything till their dry) Face Pack, and most of all MINIMINS just post you are ready to blip someone will talk you out of it. And also i use the arcade and get stuck in a game and then forget it.

Good Luck xxx
Hmm for me this was the downside of doing 1000 cals; no ketosis... I had to make sure there were no adult goodies in the house, and employ a bit of mental toughness when dishing the kids meals up or giving them treats. I tried to have a glass of water every time my thoughts turned to food. It wasn't easy seeing as I'm basically greedy and love food, as the 13lb I put on over Christmas will testify to...

Good luck SF!
I've moved all 'Junk' food to a different cuboard. So I only need to enter it for a treat for the kids. I've got down some good books from friends and some outta Tesco... 2 for £7!!! And strolling around on here.

That'll be my plan!

My worst bit will be a night shift for work. Mid - 8am. I'm used to snacking! I'm going to space out my shakes more on those days so I can have one while working.

Good luck hunnie, new day tomorrow !


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I split my shakes so I have 6 a day rather than 3. That helps keep you occupied and full.

In the first 3 days if I get utterly desperate I have a few slices of wafer thin ham. No carbs so doesn't affect anything. Once I get past the first 3 days I have nothing. Although I am on SS+ so I still get my tiny tea.


On ss+ do you still go into ketosis?
Are you able to control the amount you eat? Im worries about starting ss+ after being on ss and eatting to much because its now ok to eat.
Does that make sence>?
With SS+ you must weigh everything and stick to what is recommended having that small meal made a big difference to me and i lost all the 4 stones i have lost in 3 months on SS+

Its being strong and having will power, if you are hungry drink more water this is key xxx


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Summer, please dont worry about a blip, it happens, just draw a line under it and move on... I usually have some cooked chicken in the fridge if i get desperate. Ketosis really is magic, and i guess it does have to be felt to be believed... hang in there....

After about 3 or 4 weeks I started having a tiny amount of food like ss+ maybe once or twice a week.. my losses were the same, and it helped with the worry i had about re-introducing food... ive never done a whole week of ss+, just odd days. I also found it really helped with digestion issues that some have.
How about just doing SS+ then you will feel good about sticking to CD 100% whilst enjoying a wee protein meal in the evening and not feeling deprived.

There is no rule which says CD is SS or nothing.


Creating my life

On ss+ do you still go into ketosis?
Are you able to control the amount you eat? Im worries about starting ss+ after being on ss and eatting to much because its now ok to eat.
Does that make sence>?
Yes it makes sense. :)

Yes you do go into ketosis on SS+. I can control what I eat because you aren't really hungry. Some people benefit from the complete break from food though. You'd have to see what's best for you.
I tried to not watch TV all of my 1st week, you will be amazed once u are on CD how every advert seems to be about food :( so didnt watch it all week to avoid those terrifying marks and spencers adverts :D
I started 1 week before xmas and all I saw was either M&S or ICeland food being advertised on TV - I was livid!!lol
Yea i found it quite amazing how i never realised how much tv/tv adds revolve around food... only started noticing when i couldnt have food, was driving me crazy :mad:

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