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how will i know ?

Well smelly breath and a funny taste in your mouth. I havent really had either to be honest. The other thing you can do is buy these ketosix and test your urine and if the stick goes pink then you are in ketosix you can buy them in any chemist!!
thanks becky i do have funny taste in my mouth bit like iron taste but as i have never done this diet before didnt know will go and buy them tomorrow do i just ask for ketosis sticks ? many thanks sarah xxx
Hi Sarah:D

Ketosis usually starts around day 3. Saying that some people may go into ketosis earlier and some a little later.

You can buy ketostix from boots if you wish to test, but as long as you're sticking to ssing you will go into ketosis.

Some people do get away without getting the keto breath too badly, sadly I wasn't one of them:rolleyes:

Yep just ask for ketosix they should know what your on about. think there about 6/7 pound. No problem, once you see any shade of pink you will know your in ketosis. Make sure and read the instructions :)
thanks becky hiya tracey hows u hun feeling better ? hows hubby still suffering good self inflicted tell him i am only jealous lol xxxxxxx
worked out how to do it and now wont let me do it as to many charectors lmao ? how did you get all that on yours xxxxx
thanks becky hiya tracey hows u hun feeling better ? hows hubby still suffering good self inflicted tell him i am only jealous lol xxxxxxx

He hasn't moved from the sofa (well only to pee:p). I'm feeling a little dehydrated, but a lot better:D Just about to go off for a nice bath then bed.

Look forward to seeing you soon:)



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Hi Sarah :)

You should be able to easily get hold of a tub of Ketostix at any chemist. I used to get mine from the pharmacy in Tesco...about £3 something I think.

Lacey..x :D


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I went in overnight on day three, so woke up in ketosis on day 4. Never really had the smelly breath thing (not everyone does). Don't worry if you don't show on the ketostix - your body produces 2 kinds of ketone, but the stix only detect one. If you're SSing you WILL be in ketosis and you WILL lose weight!
Thanks you lot have tried to get some today but had no joy chemist doesnt sell them near me so will try boots tomorrow but like you said i am sticking to ss so should work hey gl all tc sys xxxxxx