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Addicted to Minimins!
So its Friday - beginning of the weekend, and for a lot of us the start of an up-hill diet struggle towards Monday morning. How's everyone doing today? Good? Bad? Inbetween? Worried about weigh in? Looking forward to the weekend?

Just check in & let us all know how you're doing today so we can revel in your successes and comfort the struggling.....

I've had a good day - SYN FREE! WHOOP WHOOP! lol - Although to be fair i had to have a syn free day today after the synfest of a curry i had last night. 19.5 syns for curry!!!! *shocking* - although it was soooo worth a day without them! YUM! :p
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Ive had a good day too. And like you rayven ive had a syn free day to make up for a binge last night :-(

Just been to my OH parents for a birthday tea for his nan. Everyone had fish and chips from the chippy, and nibbles like sausages, pork pies etc and i stuck to my jacket potato that i took with me. Everyone was trying to force chips and cakes on me and i said no. But i could of cried it was awful, i hate being in that position.
But im feeling proud that i managed to staty strong :)


Addicted to Minimins!
But im feeling proud that i managed to staty strong :)
Well done hun - a lot of people (me included! lol) would have given into temptation! *hugs*


I ate my willpower!
I have been really good, but I have eaten so much that I feel really bad, if that makes sense? I've only had about 8 syns. I made that sw doner kebab and ate the lot with a chicken breast, potato wedges and salad, and I had some sw beef curry after that.
I haven't had many Syns this week so had a few saved up (luckily!!) had a bit of a sweet fest - chocolates 20 Syns!
Wine / 10 syns whoops!

Dinner was all on plan though and just felt bit rubbish and needed a treat ;)
Have a good weekend all :)
My halo is still shining after going out for lunch and having a jacket spud with chilli, then I made the herb mince beef and veg cous cous from the new extra easy meals in minutes book :) was yummy too xx


Addicted to Minimins!
I have been really good, but I have eaten so much that I feel really bad
I think as long as you're sticking to the Free foods, healthy extras and your syns you'll be fine. Its that age old problem with dieters that when you eat a lot (even of the good stuff) you feel fat & guilty.
I think we have to attempt to get out of feeling any kind of guilt around food as its counter productive & just makes us feel bad.
I'm sure you're still on track for a good week!
Well done everyone!! xx
I've been really good since my WI on wednesday. I STS then so really want to see a loss next week. I've been eating less than 10 syns a day and loads of superfree. I'm going to do a 100% weekend as I've just got to shift some weight! Fingers crossed!

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