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Hunger nausea


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I can deal with the healthy eating plans, and am getting used to much smaller portions, but how do you overcome that nauseous hunger feeling ?
If your doing a healthy eating plan, there is no need for you to be hungry. Are you sure you are eating enough? Maybe you can put a small snack inbetween your meals. Something with protein usually works well for hunger. A few nuts, a hard boiled egg?

Are you following a set plan, or working your own one out?


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well i've been trying to do low calorie but to be honest i think i may be better off doing slimming world or something not so restricitve.

Thats' why i cant do Weight watchers points, because once i've used all the points and know i can't have any more it makes me want it more lol.


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Oooh you sound just like me! I am a SWer and I love that I never have to be hungry and can eat all day!


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I'm also doing SW and love the fact that you can eat when you're hungry. It's silly being nauseous with hunger, especially if you have a lot to lose. I get fed up with sw sometimes, but it's usually because I haven't been varying my food enough. I didn't get on with WW because I'd use all my points halfway through the day and feel deprived and hungry the rest of the day.
If you are hungry between meals when calorie counting it would suggest one of two things. Either you are not allowing yourself enough calories or you are not spreading your calories across the day and perhaps trying concentrate them into 3 meals only.

Try finding out your basal metabolic rate which gives you an indication of the amount of calories your body uses to maintain it's current body weight even when lying in bed all day. Then drop the calories needed to a bit lower but increase your exercise. For instance when I started losing weight my basal metabolic rate was 1880 so I was on 1800 calories but because of the exercise etc I was doing during the day my body was expending approx 2500 calories a day. Try to aim for no less than 1500calories.

Spread the calories in to 3 meals and 2 or 3 snacks to have between the meals along with drinking water I found this a real help.

below is a link to a bmr calculator
BMR Calculator
oh wow, do you goto a local slimming club ?
I go to a Rosemary Conley Class in Cheshunt because I started with a friend who lives near there, but there are classes in Hoddesdon and I believe another instructor runs a class at Wodson Park. I can give you more details if you're interested.

I also found it better value than SW or WW etc because it includes an exercise class and asl everyone is there for the same reason you don't feel as self conscious about exercising.
It's a low fat low GI diet based on a set amount of calories ( suitable for you), I'm currently on 1600 - 1700 calories a day. The low GI part of the diet is also very good for helping with hunger as it's basically slow release energy food. My OH finds it easy to eat the food as well and I can cater for friends and family around it too.
ok going to sound a bit silly now but whats low GI ?

I've only ever done SW
GI stands for Glycaemic Index this is an index of carbohydrates in food and the effect they have on raising blood sugar levels after eating them, Glucose has an index 0f 100 therefore high GI after having something high in glucose or sugar your blood sugar rises rapidly but the effect wears off quickly and you begin to feel hungry again. Low GI foods are slow release energy foods which raise your sugar level steadily and the aim is to keep the level stable and therefore you shouldn't get hungry theoretically.

The thing that has helped me enormously with all of this is realising portion sizes which are actually quite generous but not as generous as mine used to be!!.

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