Hungry :(


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This is day 7 today, lost 7lbs :D I got into ketosis day 4 and i was full of energy and was not hungry. Now since yesterday my energy seems to have dropped and i'm so tired during the day and i've all of a sudden started to feel hungry, like i'm not in ketosis anymore :cry: I have no idea how i could have been kicked out of ketosis though if i have and i am drinking plenty of water each day. What has happened?

I'm so so cold though so maybe i am still in ketosis?

Edit- only thing that i had changed yesterday was i had a coke zero. Maybe it was this?

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I think this just happens sometimes.

I have been doing Exante for some time - and I'm starving tonight as well :(

Maybe it's because the weather is so cold as much as anything else.

Have a hot drink, put on a DVD - that's my plan! :)


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Thanks for the reply :) I hope it's just a one off then because i'm really hungry, lol.

Think i'll go to sleep soon and hopefully wake up feeling better :)


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I've been hungry and weak since Monday :-( don't know whats going on!


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I did cd a few years ago and have just started Exante, from what I remember you get days like this, just like normal eating you feel like more some days than others. Try and do something to take your mind off it, go a walk, have a bath, read, do a puzzle, learn to knit lol. Anything except think about the growling your belly is doing.


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Day 15 for me and for some reason, both Tuesday's I have been starving!?

Stick with it. Have you tried the bullion? It's tasty and I find it filling. :)

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you are probably not out of ketosis, just having an 'off' day. Sadly ketosis is treated a bit like the hallowed panacea, but it's simply a physical reaction to a drastic drop in calories - you are running on nearly empty, there will be days when you feel like it.

Although the emphasis with VLCDs tends to be the first 3-5 days and the transition into ketosis, the fact is the body doesn't fully convert to burning this alternative fuel for around three weeks. Therefore hang in there, it'll improve, but in the meant time there will be 'off' days.



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I am have had a few hungry days this week and this is my 2nd week. I havent changed a single thing and I am still ketosis. Its just one of those things. Just keep focused and drink plenty water! x


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I'm hungry tonight - was last night too. I did a zumba class last night so I expected to be hungry but did nowt tonight :(

So, just go the ride the storm and see how it goes. Week one finished, bring on week 2 :D


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Im on day 4, I haven't felt hungry at all but, I did have the fancies for a peanut butter sandwich lol! I won't be having it though! I want this weight off more than I want that sandwich! x