Hurray! I'm now officially 'overweight' ...


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Yes, my BMI is now 29, down from 40.75 since 28th August!:D

I am 1lb off losing 5 stone too. I am chuffed. I've got another couple of stone to lose then I will be 'normal' (well, weightwise anyway).:)
well done that was me 2 weeks ago's nice just being overweight !!
Such a great feeling, isn't it? Well done, you!
its wonderful and well done!!!

I started out at 35.5 and now I'm around 29 too, its a great achievement.

and as for being a pound of losing 5 stone thats amazing! I am so impressed!

I like your quote about being normal (weightwise anyway) i have 2 things I like to say quite a lot which you are welcome to steal.

I have never been normal, theres no point starting now....


sanity is over rated.

oooh you must be sooooo proud of yourself! (and if you are not you should be!)

Wow well done Im so looking forward to reach obese....instead of morbidly obese !

Then to be cool would that be

That is great, good for you and well done. Much admiration ! I can't wait to have a BMI under 30, it will feel such a milestone !

Only one pound away fron five stone:D :D :D

Drum roll ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))Officially 'overweigt' WOW!!!


Absolutely Brill achievement :D

Love Mini xxx
wow 5stone in shuch a short time as well, congrats to u xx
Thanks a million ...

... for all your replies and support -it does mean alot.

Today I had to pop into town to look for a new skirt. All my other stuff is just too big now. I tried on size 18's - they were too big. The size 16's fitted perfectly. I bought something from the sale - there's no point in paying alot for something I only intend to wear for a few weeks!

It really is difficult to come to terms with trying on or buying stuff in this size - I was amazed when they fitted.

My daughter has said that when I'm at my target weight, we'll have to go shopping for new stuff! She hates my jeans because they are the 'wong shape' (i.e. not fashionable). I am fussy about trousers though because I do so dislike those low-rise ones - they are so unflattering for most people. I did have a look today but didn't see anything suitable ...
Well i am officially "obese" now and no longer "morbidly obese" Which isnt quite as bold a step but hey its on route..

( reading this topic back, some non dieting folk will never understand people celebrating being obese??!! )
Some people will never understand ...

... that's why this site is so important. It's a place we can go to celebrate with like-minded people!:)