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I've just been to a hypnotherapist for weight loss and I was wondering if anyone else had tried this. If so, I would love to hear your experiences as this is very new territory for me.
It's only been 2 days for me so still too early to tell if it's successful but I'm not eating anywhere near as much as I normally do.
Please let me know of your experiences.
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I havent tried anything like that but just wanted to say good luck hope it works for you! :)


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I've been using an iPhone app, by Andrew Johnson for weight loss, I'm seeing if it helps any then I might see about finding a real hypnotherapist. Hope it works out for you, please keep us updated x

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i've wondered about this and look forward to hearing how you go.

you'd think we could just be hypnotised into never wanting to eat bad things again :sigh:
I've still been eating most things but far far less. Also I've had nothing sweet and no desire for it. I have to say it seems amazing so far as I've lost my obsession for food but too early to tell if there will be weight loss results. Will keep posting.
i was hypnotised a year and a half ago for weight loss, i went to the two sessions and was given an aftercare CD to listen to but i couldn't find the time and maybe it would have worked if i did. However the only lasting effect that i can't seem to change is i eat sooooooo slowly. so slowly that half the time my food goes cold before i finish it! This is a bonus i suppose because i know when i'm full earlier but it can be a pain! Hope yours works if it does let me know and i'll listen to my CD again!!! xxx
Hey Broxi :wavey: I just googled professional hyonotherapists NI and found Dr Stephen Chan who has a clinic about 20 miles from me. Noticed he now offers 'hypno mind band' which I mentioned in another post, the one you replied to about yours. I'm gonna ring tomorrow and see what I can find out.
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Hi Lynella, thanks for posting. My hypnotherapist told me the gastric mind band is more successful than the real thing! Give it a go and we can compare notes and lose weight together. Love Broxi x
Hi Hon,

I agree with a couple of the girls, the key is to listen to the cd they give you as much as possible, you really need to keep it up for a while for the cd to help you.

good luck

Hi Lynella, thanks for posting. My hypnotherapist told me the gastric mind band is more successful than the real thing! Give it a go and we can compare notes and lose weight together. Love Broxi x
Sounds like a plan Broxi! Be good to have someone to bounce ideas off and compare notes as you said. How many sessions did you need and did you get a CD to listen to?
Hi Lynella, I've had 3 session and I get one more because on the first I was fighting against it. They have cost me £35 each. He does not believe in the cd because he said it is much more effective to be there. As I've still to have my last session I don't know if I will need top ups. I don't even know if I'll lose weight really although have lost a few since my first session. Let me know what you decide. xxx
Hi I'm currently trying hypnotherapy, I've had 2 sessions so far and have a cd that im supposed to listen everyday for the next 21 days.1st week I did great it seemed to change my whole attitude to food, i found i wasn't snackin on junk and I cut my portion sizes right down and i lost 6lbs but then on sunday and Monday i started binge eating again and couldnt seem to stop myself!! Managed to pull myself together again yesterday but i don't think its going to be the miracle quick fix i was hoping for. I have another session tonight and will be having my Hypno gastric band session next Wednesday so we'll see if that has any effect!

Hi Cheryl, Thanks for posting. I'll be interested to hear how you are getting on. I feel a wee bit the same; I've had horrible flu thing which has made me hungry (everybody else loses their appetite!) so I've started eating more but it's still very early days. He says it will just happen slowly and surely. So I'm still hopeful. Keep posting x
Woke up this morning and have lost 2 lbs! Without trying and this never happens to me Hopefully, this hypnosis is working on my unconscious mind! lol! Don't care, very happy anyway!
Woke up this morning and have lost another pound. It is like magic, honestly. This has NEVER happened to me unless I have been severely dieting! I actually can't believe it; long may it continue!


Laugh in the face of food
Wow well done Broxi!!! Have you noticed yourself making changes or is it all subconscious? X
Hi Surfhunny, It's really weird. I still get really hungry and eat quite a lot but when I reach full I have no desire to keep eating whereas before I would keep going until I was stuffed. Also I have no desire for butter or sweet things which were two of my biggest downfalls. I am really enjoying my food and not feeling deprived whatsoever. I do hope this is not just a flash in the pan!


Laugh in the face of food
That sounds fab!! My mum is quite keen to give it a go too, she had post natal depression after my little brother was born and hypnotherapy help her with that so I thunk we'll try and find a therapist. Is there anything we need to look out for? Qualifications etc?
Surfhunny, I'm no expert on hypnotherapists so I don't know what to look out for. I suppose word of mouth; if you know anybody in your area has had success with one then I'd go for that. Why I tried mine was becaue I met a woman who had lost 4 and half stone with this hypnotist. He says to watch out for people who keep telling you to go back as you should only need 3 sessions, 4 at the most if there were problems. He said these people are just ripping you off. So here's hoping you find somebody. x


Laugh in the face of food
Thanks Broxi, I guess it's Just going to be a case of trying the one nearest to us that does weightless hypno.

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