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jelly belly
hi all long time no speak
need some advice
was doing well on my cd journey up till few months ago
had some gynae probs and after much toing and frowing docs decided to have me in
i had a hysterectomy on 2nd july, so next wednesday it will be 6 weeks
can i re start ss or do i really have to wait the 12 weeks
feeling a bit low at the mo gained 16lbs and just fed up
i know i can finish my journey just want it now though
i dont see gyna until 2nd of oct 12 weeks pre op so cant ask him
would starting earlier really make a difference to my healing process
i feel o.k just the odd twinge but scar has done real well
any advice would be appreciated cos at the mo i feel a very fat heffer
kaz xxxxx
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Staff member
Welcome back Kaz and it is lovely to see you and good to hear you are making a speedy recovery after your operation.:hug99::flowers::flowers::flowers:

I am sure a CDC will be along shortly to let you know when you can start SSing again.

You did brilliant before and I am sure you will again and I fully understand how you are anxious to get started back again at it.

Love Mini xxx


jelly belly
hey mini
thanks mate
you know how it is
when ya really ready and want to do it lol
see you are doing great by yout ticker well done mate
hopefully see me on here a bit more if only to keep the motivation until i can start
kaz xx


The Diet Guy

You really should wait the full 12 weeks especially with such a major operation, remember that although it may "look" ok it is still very early and the body needs a different mix of nutrients when it is healing itself.

By all means ask your CDC to check with the Cambridge medical team for advice but I would be very surprised if they didn't recommend waiting the full 12 weeks.

In the next 6 weeks why not see that as a challenge to maintain your current weight, ultimately it is all about moderation in the long term so keep your weight stable for the next month and a half and then use Cambridge to trim down to your goal weight?




jelly belly
thanks mike
my cd did say the same but i wanted everyones opinion to
i`m just an eager beaver wanting everything now lol
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The Diet Guy
Use that enthusiasm to do some serious healthy eating for the next six weeks with your target to be the same weight you are today, that way you will have excellent confidence in that you can go on and maintain your brilliant losses that you will be having shortly :)



getting slimmer
dont have any advoce - just wanted to say hope you heal quickly after your op.
and your looking so good already - keep up the fab work!! x
Some excellent advice from Mike, as always.

Kaz, just wanted to say, good luck with the next 6 weeks eating healthily - you can do it and will feel better and ready for when you can start SS again. Come on here if you need a boost, but those 6 weeks will be here before you know it x
thankyou maria and bunny
thats why i love minis so much there is so much support around
i have taken mikes advice and am eating healthy for now,
hubby came home tonight with the menu for the xmas party
yikes i thought blooming early but when i counted in weeks its just over 23
so then inthought of how many pounds i could lose by then and am even more motivated
i cant wait to be slim

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