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I am a fat failure....


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.....Because I can't give up my scales!lol

I said I would, but the more I think about it, the more I know that I need to know when I reach milestones I set for myself. I like taking part in challenges. I love when we all announce our losses, whether we are happy or not.

So, I hang my head in shame, towards the display on my scales and know that our friendship must continue for my sanity to remain stable lol

Why oh why were the blasted things ever invented!!lol

Oh well, it is a healthier addiction than chocolate lol
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It's still early days.

I have a struggle each morning not to hop on. but as you say its better than struggling with food.


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I can last a whole week without stepping on....But I wanted to give them up almost totally. But they look at me with disappointment!lol


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I'm trying to stay off mine for a whole month. I have never managed that before, not sure I have even tried, but, this time I need to do it. I know the scale hopping is part of my problem.

Having said that, if it encourages you and makes you feel better, then good enough. You know yourself best!
Sophie, very funny, and you are not a fat failure, just a failure, no there is nothing wrong with a healthy addiction and belive me this is a healthy addiction, so you carry on girl.
When i read the title i thought u had let th side down for us pink ladies with a cheat.

In the case of scales im afailure too. Yes i ditched mine but i still plan on weekly weighing lol xx


Rebel without a calorie
I'm with Mark on this issue. As long as I weigh at the same time of day I can't see a problem. Sometimes after a loss I need to get on them again the next day just to make sure it wasn't a freak accident and I really have lost!!
LOL poor Sophie

Don't beat yourself up! I too thought from the title you had eaten! So well done for sticking to it :)

The only reason scales are bad is if they upset and demotivate you

I myself would rather be let down by the scales once a week so I only have to get disheartened once every 7 days not daily, but that is a personal choice.

You are doing really well! If they are the electronic ones why not take the batteries to work and only bring them home once a month (or whatever) to weigh ?

Good luck - Chin up - Best foot forward and all that :D

aww hun at least you manage to last a week b4 stepping on them so you are doing really well better then some of the rest of us..including myself who can't seem to stop themselves from stepping on them once evry day, but that is rubbish as the numnbers change all the time evryday and if you wait til weigh in then you don't know how many times the numbers changed during the week as that is the only number you will on weigh in day so i think you are doing really great hun...loook at me lol talking about it in such a logical way but still can't seem to stop myself frm stepping on them evry mornign lol...(tut tut) at me lol


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Thanks everyone :)

I totally see everyones points which ends in me not feeling too bad :)

I have 4 electronic sets and one mechanical. I buy them each time I start a diet. These are not all the ones I have ever owned, just the ones from the last 5 diets lol

I think the milestones make me really happy. Knowing I am in the next stone down helps a lot too. I also measure my hips, waist and under bust once a week. That is another motivator.

I was a fool to think I could ever go once a month without having my little goals to celebrate lol

I would be sobbing if I had failed on the eating front. I had a dream a couple of weeks ago and I ate when I shouldn't. I was so upset in the dream, that I know how extreme my reaction would be in reality lol

I am finding this hot weather makes it a lot harder rather than easier. I drink loads of water and then still feel thirsty. Before this diet I would often eat when really I needed a drink. So, now I am traiining myself to think of water and not food when a food enters my head. Hope that made sense lol
Yep it really does. I also used to eat when i was actually thirsty and not hungry. Now if i do have hunger pangs i drink, and it eases them xx


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At least this journey is teaching us something about our habits then :)


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I like sticking to once a week also. Was tripping to think I could go for a month!lol

So, I am settled in my mind back on once a week :)


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what addiction would you rather have , food or scales ??? I use mine evryday just to motivate myself there is no harm in it as long as you weigh same time once a day x


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Once my food habit starts, my scale habit diminishes.....strange!lol!!!!


Rebel without a calorie
I've certainly learnt that when I think I am hungry I should have a drink first to see if it's actually thirst.
Now if I could just find my off switch for when I know I'm full I would have this cracked lol


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I think we are suppose to eat slowly so that we know when we are fulll....Cutlery back on the table or plate between each mouthful lol

I need to chat that to myself for when I get to refeed lol

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