I am confused, please help!


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I have been doing LL for nearly 6 weeks, so not quite half way. I've lost 1.5lbs short of 2 stone, and my BMI is considerably lower than when I started. Now, assuming I continue losing weight at 3-5lbs a week, my BMI is going to be 25 well before I finish my 100 days, BUT I won't be the weight I want to be, so what is likely to happen? Will I be able to finish the 100 days despite my BMI then being less than 25, or will I have to start introducing food before the end of the 100 days, and if so, will I have to join another group? And for those of you who continue to lose weight after introducing food, does your rate of loss slow down?
So many questions, hope someone can help
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you don't have to stop this diet when your BMI hits 25, you can continue until you get to the weight you want to be provided it wasn't below a healthy BMI.

If you get where you want to be before the 100 days are up you can go into management early.

In the meantime don't be put off if your losses fluctuate or are not quite so good, some ladies find the closer they get to healthy its not quite as quick! (but still quicker than anything else!)

hope that helps



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Hiya Lily

Not sure what the rules are on SS with LL but certainly on Cambridge you can't.

Why not give your counsellor a call and have a chat and see what he/she says.



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you can stay on abstinenace until you get to the bmi you want - as Mags says so long as it's a healthy one :)

Some people still loose on Management so you may be one of those - but best to get to where you want to be before you go onto the Managent programme.