I am dying for.....

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by thistime08, 22 May 2008 Social URL.

  1. thistime08

    thistime08 Lipo Lover

    A bulmers Light!! Don't worry am not gonna have one, I know its dangerous. Gas thing is I rarely drink as i am always the designated driver, but the last few days I could murder one!! To feel those bubbles on my tongue...mmmm...
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  3. BREN

    BREN is going to loose!

    Dreaming is a wonderful thing darl!

    Me would just kill for milk in my coffee!

    Apart from that how is your day?

  4. Kitteh

    Kitteh Resident geek

    Cder crashing the LT bit.. but never mind..

    Ive just done 30 mins on my wii fit.. and i would kill for a koperburg.. pear of course..

    x x x
  5. thistime08

    thistime08 Lipo Lover

    Not too bad thanks..miserable and cold here in Ireland though. Believe Australia is having its coldest May since 1977!!!! Heard that on news last night!! Just had my toasted flapjack and a coffee, here in work, what you up to???
  6. hotstuff

    hotstuff Full Member

    Mmmmmmmm Bulmers! Mmmmmmmm kopperberg!
  7. BREN

    BREN is going to loose!

    thinking about going to bed... It's 10pm in Melbourne... and cold today around 15 degees max.

    I love giving and recieving inspiration on this site just before I go to bed, sometimes in the morning and always in the arvo as this is my weak time.

    Drinking a green tea.

  8. thistime08

    thistime08 Lipo Lover

    Enjoy that, have you tried Peppermint tea too...its yummy. Well sleep well hun, another day down!!!!
  9. Sara4

    Sara4 Gold Member

    strange thing is I probably drank far too much and too often. But I have not missed it or even thought about it once since starting so that is another good thing!!! However I do miss pizza!!!

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