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I am slimmingd0wn!!!

Here is my diary ... full of food and drinks and hopefully weight loss.

I am going on holiday in 6 weeks and 3 days and hope to shed as much weight as possible in this time!


I think that to feel comfortable on holiday I need to hit the 11 stone to 11 and half stone mark. So thats a lot of hard work coming up.

Anything is possible!

I will be working out a lot as well which will hopefully boost my weight loss.

After my holiday I will be working towards my bride body :love047: ... I want to look my best, just like any other to-be-bride. We are yet to set a date, as we only got engaged 2 months ago! I am graduating this year too so money isn't exactly flowing massively right now. So losing weight healthily is my main goal!

Wish me luck!

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Welcome to minimins, sounds like you know what you are doing and where you want to be. congrats on your engagement, what great motivation for you!
Good luck! x
Thanks so much Lorna!! I really appreciate the support and kind words :)

Today food wise :

Beans on toast with cheese (HE A&B)

Homemade cottage pie (brown mince in fry light, add onions, mushrooms, carrots ... mash potato to top and 30g of philley light to mash to make it creamy! ... oven for 30 mins).
Roast Royal Jerseys

I might have a mullar light yog and a handful of strawbs if I get a bit peckish!

Total: 5 superfree foods... 4 free foods ... 2.5syns.

I have struggled with the syns today.

I think I am finding it difficult because this doesnt FEEL like a diet. It doesnt FEEL like I am going to lose weight because I am eating REAL, FILLING foods. Its crazy.

If I do actually LOSE weight this week ... I will be THRILLED!

Any advice on my foods - how to better it or anything would be greatly appreciated!!! :)
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I have worked out that I didnt use EXTRA lean mince, so for my portion at 2syns per 28g as in the book... thats 9 syns for my meat.

So adding that up thats 11.5 syns for today.




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S: 13st11lb C: 13st6.5lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 32.4 Loss: 0st4.5lb(2.33%)
Hi Slimmingd0wn!
I didn't think it could possibly work either but I've lost 10.5lbs in 4 weeks and have had lots of treats (within my syns) and eaten loads. It just doesn't feel like a 'diet' does it.
Good luck!
Thanks Helen! Once again the end of day two and I feel full!

I am excited for WI day! lol.

Food for today:

Costa coffee - 5 syns (HE - milk)
Jacket potato with beans and salad
Pasta, homemade tomato sauce and meatballs! (HE - small bit of cheese)

5 syns for today. And lots of free and superfree food!

Yum yum yum.

I was at my mums today (2 hours away from home)... so was trying so hard not to eat the garlic bread that came with the meatballs and pasta we made together. And I DIDNT! Too many syns - not worth it at all!!!

Going to gym tomorrow morning. Seen as my holiday is just over 6 weeks away, I am hoping for HUGE losses before then ... the gym can only help! hehe

Any sneaky tips to boost the weight loss even further let me know :D :D

Yesterday and today have been a bit mixed really food wise.

Breakfast: healthy cooked breakfast of bacon, diet (eat smart) sausages, 2 slices wholemeal toast, beans and loads of mushrooms.
Lunch: Jacket spud with rest of beans from breakfast and TONNES of lettuce and cucumber.
Dinner: Homemade lasagna and salad
Snack: banana, satsuma and Mullar light yog.

Basically, I am confused as to how many syns I had because, a good friend of mine told me that morrisons diet sausages are the best to have ... but I dunno if they are free or how many syns are in them? I googled it and apparantly they are syn-free ... but REALLY?! lol.

And then for dinner I used the rest of the mince (which has syns coz its not extra lean)... but was less than last time.
So to over-estimate I think I had about 12 syns. DEFFO less than 15...

Didnt have time for brekkie today. Raced out to go shopping.

Got hungry whilst out and the dilemma struck me. What could I eat? I wasnt prepared at all, and my OH and friends decided on a "wok to walk". Told the guy about the diet... so I had jasmine rice, beef, mushrooms, beansprouts and a tablespoon of sauce ... which was all then stirfried.

He used no oil ... and I had a diet coke.
TRY AND SYN THAT!!! Damn it.
I sat there after eating the portion ... and wondered.... The rice is free because it was boiled. The veggies are free. The sauce however. Although a tablespoon I will HAVE to over-estimate. So I think about 6? It said "low calorie and low fat sauce" hence why I chose it.

I am going to try and really limit the syns just incase i was loads more. How many would you pro's think it is???


Well my advice to myself is: dont be left in that situation again. Be prepared!

Anyway ... dinner I think is either stir-fry or something like that ... maybe steak? mmm. I really need to get myself organised! lol.

Tips and motivation really needed today please!!

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Hi, looks like you are getting on well. :)
as far as i know the morrisons eat smart sausages are half a syn per sausage. I could be wrong as i cant find them on the SW site.
I think you will be safe allocating 6 syns for the sauce, i couldnt really say if it would be more or not, but soy sauce if free, maybe it was similar? You made good choices anyway, it was better than giving in and going for a Macdonalds or fast food type thing! :rolleyes:
When is your weigh in? x
Hi Lorna! thanks for the reply. I deffo think my choices are healthier. I went to Bella Italia the day before yesterday (same day I ate out for lunch*SOB!*) but asked for meatballs and spaghetti - asked what was in the sauce, refused the chesse and drank water. So I think it is making me MUCH more aware!

My WI day is Mondays - so tomorrow I will know the verdict of the first week!

Yesterday food wise it was a BAD day. Not because I ate too much. But because I ate hardly anything. Me and the OH had had an argument because of something which was said the previous night to a friend after some drinks after work - I was sober, didnt drink hardly anything (2 malibus and diet cokes). So was feeling VERY sad yesterday.
I ate:
1x satsuma
1x banana
1x jacket potato with beans and tiny amount of cheese.

That was it.
So I ate NO syns... and hardly anything :(
Today I am trying to be better.

I have had a coffee with some of my HE skimmed milk...
I have just finished lunch and I had WW soup (3 syns) and 2 slices of wholemeal bread (HE) with tiny amount of clover lighter (1syn).
Dinner is : Beef, Royal jerseys, carrots, brocolli, runner beans, sugar snap peas. Going to have some gravy (3 syns) Nom Nom!
Snack later: Yoghurt (mullar light)

so thats 7 syns and a massive dinner!

WI tomorrow. I really hope I have lost inches and/or weight. 5 weeks and 4 days til the holiday.

Something else I have started doing is "powerplating". I went once last week - plan to go 3 times this week. Also ... I HAVE JOINED A BOOT CAMP! ahhh! I have 3 hours a week with a personal trainer for 4 weeks ... I have to do different things like tyre-flipping, kettlebells, circuits, box-a-cise ... and tonnes of other stuff. I have signed up with my friend and hope to start this week coming up. How excited .. yet daunting! I REALLY hope this helps me lose inches and get my beach body for my holiday!!! :)

Hope everyone is having a goood week. Will update with inches and weight here tomorrow. I have decided that having too many diaries will just stress me out - so this one is my one and only, food, weight and inches diary! :)

Wish me luck slimmers!!!! :)

Debridger - I hope so too! I just cant get over actually eating nice food whilst trying to lose weight. It goes against all my mind is telling me!

WI first thing! so will update asap!

Had a lovely dinner. Stuck to the plan and ate LOTS of veggies too!

WI time ... here goes!

I have lost ...

*drum roll*

3.3lbs!!!!! HURRAH! :) :bliss:
I weighed at 12 stone 5.2
Not bad considering I ate actual food! :D

Will do measurements in a little while.
If I lose 3lbs every week that a stone and 4lbs before holiday ... which means ill be 11stone 1lb! Thats CRAZY. I aim to average out at 3lbs by eating super healthy and drinking tonnes of water, and of course doing my bootcamp etc!

YAYAYYAYAY. :bliss: :banana dancer:

I am SO happy its unreal. As soon as I get below that 12 stone mark I will be estatic. Because I always manage to get down to just above it because this is the lower end of my comfortable weight - but hardly ever below it.

measurements to follow - hopefully I will see some changes there too. I feel thinner if that helps?!

I am super super chuffed!!!

Ur up early too?!

My puppy woke me up at 4 ... she got stuck inside my duvet haha. She was crying because she couldnt find the hole to get out! Bless her. All the poppers are done up properly now and whilst she is snug by my feet - I cant sleep! Great! lol!

Done my measurements. Starting to think maybe I should do them monthly or fortnightly? As a tiny movement or no movement at all could make me feel crap! lol. Here they are anyway...

Waist ... 33.5 inches
Bust ... 36"
Hips... 40.5"
Thigh ... 21 "

So thats half an inch of my hips, and half an inch off my waist. But no movement anywhere else.

think I will do it monthly. At least I have the start measurements! :)



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Haha - nice one, soon there'll be plenty of room for her, with you disappearing :)
What is she ? I love dogs, but can't have one as I'm out all day :(

I'm up berween 5:15 & 5:45, depending on whether I hit the snooze button or not ;)
I'm usually at the railway station for 6:30 yawn, but luckily for me, I've persuaded my boss to let me work from home Thurs & Fri :character00148:, so I don't get up untill 7:30 those days :happy036:
Well done on your weight loss! :) Thats great.

Are you off anywhere nice for your holiday?

Its a good idea to take your measurements, especially if you are doing exercise! You are so brave doing the boot camp. x
Oh debridger - thats SO early. I thought 7-8 am was bad - thats what I get up at most days. haha. she is a chihuahua! Shes BEAUTIFUL . I hate yappy dogs but she is so good! Shes 17 weeks old ... so 4 months and a week! Currently she is sat on my feet chewing her toy. She usually gets naughty when I am trying to revise. Its so annoying lol.
I am about to start my revision now ... here goes! haha.

Thanks Lorna! :)
I am very excited but bricking it at the same time. I am not "unfit" welll ... not completely anyway.
I have done circuits, box-a-cise and spin and stuff before - a few weeks ago I was doing gym everyday, and at least 1 class a day too. Dunno how I managed to PUT ON weight *sigh*. Must have been eating more to compensate I spose.

I just had my breakfast ...

2 slices of wm toast (HEb)
Half can of beans
3 massive mushrooms cut up and fried in frylite
5 plum tomatoes grilled!


I have lots of satsumas and bananas to get me through revision today too.


I have powerplates at 3.45pm today. So cant wait to feel my fat wobble off!!! haha.

xx x