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i am so touchy at the moment...


Personal Trainer
I really dont know whats wrong with me....

i know that i get mood swings when i am trying hard to diet, although i dont know why, i do not deprive myself of anything...


for the past few weeks...i have been substituting my lunch for a protein shake under the watchful eye of my personal trainer in an attempt not to loose weight, but to loose fat mass....

i dont know whats wrong with me...i am so "tired and emotional" as my husband calles me...(thin ice!!!)....and i fly off the handle at anything...and i mean i REALLY loose my temper!:mad:

yesterday afternoon i was waiting for an auction to finish on ebay (that i had very patiently waited for for over 9 days!!!)....had 2 mins to go...and he turned off the wireless network...:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

he said by accident...but i dont believe him!!!!!!:banghead::whoopass::whoopass:

i stood up....threw my laptop at him....called him a stupid ************************* (put the rest yourself) LOL...and i havent spoken to him since...and its his stupid little comments too....like...."oh, we can tell your on a diet!!"...or he says to the kids "go tell mommy snackings bad!!"


rant over

anyone else get like that??
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Maybe it's just the stress catching up with you?

I haven't noticed a difference in my mood, but I've always had a tendency to be snappy at times unfortunately!


is going to loose!
Sometimes I do feel like that, in fact I used to be a very angry person, because I wasnt happy with myself. I realised that I wanted to be a thinner and different person, the type of person that I knew was inside that fat body trying to get out.

I over several years lost about 30 kilos all through healthy eating and exercise. Back to the point I found out what made me like this and it was because I wasnt happy! This made me not think of others or worry about how i hurt people with my actions and words, especially at being a supervisor at work and not having a good re-pore with co workers.

Any way I dont react now. I'm a teacher these days and figure there's no point in getting angry about things as it doesnt solve anything and that's not the person I want to be. It takes more energy to be angry at someone than being the bigger person to say sorry and admit your fault.

I sometimes say to hubby,@$%#$%#$ your really [email protected]#$ting me and your making me upset, go away.


that may have been a mistake but I'm sorry I acted like that but that______ really sh^%$&%ted me, can we make up.

We rarely have arguements, only a few recently because we have moved state. But we always say what we think and if it ends in an agruement. I walk away and wait. Sometimes I we dont even discuss it as we really just needed to vent and we work in sync that way.

Your only human and have the right to be cross for a while, just dont let it drag out otherwise it might turn the small issue into a big one.



Personal Trainer
feeling a little bit better tonight :sigh:


is going to loose!
Glad to hear it beautiful. That's the path to a happy you.



Personal Trainer
Thanks Bren :D

you really are one of the nicest people i have met! ..:bliss:xx
iv also been very moody& angry,i shouldnt be taking it out on any1,i can relate with u!im glad u feel a bit better,its a very hard time for us that like r grub lol!!how u doing now kid?
awww hun i hope it passes soon. I have my moments aswell where everything just gets to me when im on this diet but i just leave the room and try and calm myself go upstairs and take a few min's out.

becky xx

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