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I am sooooo stressed


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I changed positions at my work on the understanding that my wages would be going up when they were regraded. Low and behold they are not raising them. I am so stressed, i have been crying (not eating) and am waiting to speak to the head teacher. I am livid.
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Aw hun that doesn't sound good. I would speak to him and explain the situation about what new responsibilities you have taken on and how they do not correspond to your current pay scale. Sometimes these things take a bit longer to get agreed and signed off, than it actually takes to start the post.

Why not treat yourself to a nice bubble bath or something to relax you (obviously not in the classroom though!).


Loves Norman Reedus
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I have been waiting since the beginning of September to get my pay sorted out, and all i have been getting is "it's with County, they are sorting it out" from the personnel officer, but i am going to go over her head now and see what the head says. I know the schools budget is crap and we are so top heavy with teachers with extra roles!!!
When i get stressed my hands go like ice, which they are now. Just eaten an apple. I need to get out of this building, really want to go home.
You say "on the understanding" - what kind of understanding was it? Just a conversation, or was there anything in writing. If it was just verbal, were there witnesses?

Do you have a union rep you can consult? What about a chat at your local citizens' advice bureau?
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Sorry to hear you are feeling this way, try not to worry until you have talked to someone more about it and find out exactly where you stand.
Good luck xxxx
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Crikey no wonder you're stressed as if teaching isn't hard enough without feeling like you are being taken for granted.

Do you have a pay structure/grade the ones which lists your duties/roles & which banding you fall into. If so you could see where you are on that.

Otherwise, I know it's not the answer, but you could refuse to do any of the 'extra' responsibilites until your pay is sorted. After all I bet you do lots of unpaid work as it is.


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Go to your union rep. My son is a physics teacher (well both are) but the eldest is a union rep and he spends loads of time on things like this. Gets results too!


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The Unions are rubbish for Support Staff. I did belong to Unison but didnt see them once when i school was being transferred into an Academy.
Our personal Officer, what a joke, got it wrong. She has sent off my new grading just over a week ago and she hasnt had that one back. i didnt find this out until later. meanwhile i saw the head teacher and he is looking into it. if it comes back at no change then there are maybe some other things they can do.
It makes me so angry. I am not the data manager yet i am sitting here struggling to the get the School Census correct.

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