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I am soooooo lucky

Girls I am going to cry, just had the most beautiful boughet (sp) of flowers delivered to my office with a message

"Happy anniversary - love you loads"
from hubby.

I am feeling very emotional. We would normally go out for a meal on our anniversary. I will make him sausage mash and tomatoes for dinner tonight, his favourite.

Isnt it funny he has never ever ever said that I am fat, made the odd joke in fun, but never made me feel fat. But I really think deep down he wants me to be slim;) I know it should be for me but I am gonna stay on track for him as well.

Just going off for a cry - you know a smiley cry:wave_cry:
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awwwww bless!
a happy cry is always good :D
Ahhhhhh Lady Happy Anniversary to you, Happy Anniversary to you, Happy Anniversary dear Lady and Mr Lady, Happy Anniversary To You! Hip Hip Horray, Congratulationssssss! That is so so sweet of Mr Lady, lol! You enjoy yourself no matter what you do! Enjoy yourselves! :)
Oh thank you,

but you know what how the bloody hell do you spell boughet?

I know that aint right and it is annoying me:eek:
Hi I am new to this and come accross this site just now, im a novice but i hope to get more involved, i love the inspiring stories and you all seem to support each other, its great!
Thanks Dancing sent a really snotty letter to the Society today, tomorrow it will all kick off.

Trying to get it all into perspective and it really aint the end of the world. If they take away our license, think of all the extra time I will have, instead of all that voluntary work:D
Hello Dobbo,

and welcome to the Minimims LL threads. You will enjoy it and we are all here to help. Lots of us have been doing it a while, but can still remember the first week which is quite a challenging.

So come on here if you want to ask anything or if you are struggling, we can even slap your wrist if you are gonna cheat, if you like.:eek:
Wow you guys are so organised!

My name is Nikki im looking to lose a stone and a half, im actually going out to buy myself some decent scales this evening so i can see how much i lose daily.
I am a tight size 12 and unfortunately a back problem has kept me away from being able to run for about a year although i am on the road to recovery and i have bought a cross trainer and an exercise bike (from Decathlon- nothing flashy!).
I have decided this is the year that i am not going to be embarressed to put my bikini on around my boyfs super slim friends. I need to do this not only for vanity but also it will help my back and my posture out a lot.
Any tips on diets that work? I am laying off potatoes and bread and have been for a while, they tend to bloat me. I have started to eat things like lentils and more fish. Any tips on what time to eat and what to avoid etc are all welcome.

Im so pleased i discovered this, im going to get my mum involved too, we have both threatened to take healthy living and weightloss seriously for too long.

Huge respect for everybody on here, YOU ARE FAB!
Hi Dobbo again,

This part of the forum is for Light Life people and you must have 3stone to lose before you can do this diet and it is complete abstinence (meaning no food only drinks).

There are other threads on Minimims, if you look at other diets there are all sorts on there.

Not trying to get rid of you as you sound so positive which is a great thing.

Good luck on whatever way you go about reducing;)
Dont forget to come back and tell us what you are doing, we are a nosey lot and fill free to post on here anytime.


Dont mention chocolate or cake etc.;)
Ha ha ha! You guys are inspirational! I'll come back just as soon s i get going and make my profile flashy (dont even know how to add profile pic) To think i work for a computer company!
Thank you Slimseaa it was really bugging me. ;)
S: 17st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 6st1lb(34.69%)
Happy Anniversary:character00250: Awww Lady, isn't Mr Lady just gorgeous :D Congratulations to you both, hope you have a lovely evening ... and that he loves his tea!
Congrats to you both :)

Mr Lady sounds sooooo sweet, hope he hasn't read this thread cos he may get a big head with all these compliments he's receiving! Enjoy the rest of your day x :)

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