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I am starting tomorrow any advice?


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Hi Vicky, You have chosen the best ever diet, well thats what i think:D Remember water is the key, drink to shrink, and come on here and post as often as you can, lots of advice, help, support, motivitation etc i could go on but you would fall asleep and miss your start lol. Good luck for tomorrow.

Thanks, does drinking the water really make a difference, as I really struggle to drink it, but will try really hard, do you not hold on to it and weigh more?



i love minimins me :)
hey hun

i started 2 weeks ago tomorrow

my advise would be to keep some jelly made up in the fridge for if u really need to nibble on something, and yes th water really does help with weight loss as far as i know

other advice is the 1st week was sooo hard but come on here wen u need support etc :)

good luck

Hiya there,

Thought I would respond to the water question.

I think it does help to be fair, I didn't believe it to start with, but if nothing else it helps get rid of the taste in my mouth.

I HATE water but hell I am drinking it as much as I can. I never go over 5 litres a day, as I think my day would then revolve around drinking and peeing, and although I want to lose weight, I don't want to spend that time in the toilet. But I do regularly drink around 5 litres.

If you split it into pints it is easier (ish).




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My tips from when I started CD (7 months and 7.5 stones ago now) is get rid of all the food in your house, I mean everything...even that packet of flour etc...you can keep any spices you have in your cupboard though.

Also, give the diet a week at least, get to your first weigh in and that will give you such a boost as if you have kept to the diet properly you will lose alot of weight in your first week.

Buy a tonne of toilet roll as you will be peeing for Britain in the next few months, ohh and drink your allocated water in the morning/afternoon otherwise you will be up all night peeing if you drink too late :)

Hope that helps!

Edit: ohh and take some photos of how you look now, its such a boost to keep you going on the diet, thats what I found anyway :)
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My top tip for you is to remove everything from the house that you know you will crave!!!!

My first few days was awefull i wanted to eat everything and if it was there i think i would have eeeeeeeeek.

All my house has in it at the min is cambridge diet products..........my fridge now just holds bottled water haha never thought i would see my kitchen so empty and my plates so unused!!!!

Good luck with the diet :D Its great!!!!


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S: 15st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 23 Loss: 4st1lb(26.27%)
I put all my plates away apart from 2, unfortunately i still have to cook for the kids and make packed lunches for school but have resisted all temptations, tonight my daughter wanted toast for supper, damn it smelled so good but instead i made my shake... :D

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