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:( i am wobbling please help


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It's my wedding anniversary party.

My hubby wanted a BBQ and has invited a few friends.

I'm sat in the bedroom debating with myself.

I have nibbled the kids hula hoops and ate some salad as i made it (lettuce, cucumber, and unfortunately a bit of cheese). I know I'm still 'ok' but it's taking all my effort not to eat anything else.

There is food there that I could eat but the inner me is saying 'NO' yet the greedy me is saying 'its your anniversary just eat'.

I need someone to tell me it's okay not to eat please. It's absolute torture as I ended up preparing everything it just feels so unfair. And everything just looks so nice ..... Boo hoo.

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Enjoy yourself, you only have one anniversary a year!!!
Just make sure you dont stuff yourself with bad foods try stay clear of the carbs load up on salad, pop some music on and dance the weight away then back on the wagon tomorrow.
Good Luck and happy anniversary :)


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Step away from the BBQ - for this year

Next anniversary you can knock yourself out but not this year

Eyes on the prize, Missy - you can do this



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i'm with toots. Its not worth it, if you wreck it now its only gonna be the same next year and the year again, whereas if you do it NOW and get it over with, you can eat all that stuff, in moderation, and feel fab because YOU DID IT.



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S: 16st6lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 3st13lb(23.91%)
Everyone is eating now. Keeping busy, been to the bathroom, tidied the kitchen. Wonder if anyone noticed I didnt eat.


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Well done on resisting - you're such a star and just think about your next WI - you won't have anything to worry about :D xx
If (and I mean IF) you are tempted later on - you probs won't be - stick to protein and a bit of salad. No buns or baps! It's the extra carbs that really do the damage and could knock you right out of ketosis. Should that happen you may suddenly find yourself ravenously hungry.

I am an optimistic realist (and a realistic optimist!) and I think knowing how far you can push it IF you are about to go off the rails is very important in limiting the potential damage. I doubt a burger or chicken piece without bread will affect your losses that much.

Happy Anniversary!

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