I binged all weekend :(


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Don't know what happened but I have feel like I've lost the plot. I done nothing but binge all weekend now I've put on 2lbs from last wks WI :(
I feel so disappointed in myself, I set myself a goal to be in the 14's by 24th dec. I have now left myself 2wks to lose 14lbs.
Why do I do it to myself!!
It happens where we don't have a reason to why we ate on the diet but atleast you are starting afresh again.
But I wouldn't say 14 lbs is achieve able in 2 weeks really.. But good luck :)

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If you really crack on this week, buckle down and drink lots and lots of water you may have a whoosh next week which WILL motivate you. The hard part will be feeling hunger again as you get back on track and thinking to yourself that you have ruined it anyway because of the weekend so then give in to the hunger. You have NOT ruined anything, you had a blip that from today you can correct. You really just need to buckle down. Try and work out what caused you to give in to binging. You are choosing to do this diet, it is not punishment hun, you are just punishing yourself when giving in to the fridge and the guilt you then feel after :(

I hope my very early morning ramble made sense! Good luck! x


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What triggered the binge? Was it a feeling? A type of food?

I think it's important to know why it happened so you can prepare yourself and stop it happening again.

Come on. You CAN do this!


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I just wanted to eat :(
I have always struggled with the weekend, because I never have any money to do anything we just sit in doors. Boredom kicks in then I think about food and then it's hard to think about having a shake.

I always ate during the week, I lost my rag with my OH I told him I was going to eat and he said no have a shake but I had already pictured what I was going to eat and refused to listen to him.
I was doing so well on a sat night I was having chicken with lettuce cabbage & onions. My mum said it was ok if it was helping me stay focused, and it was but then I crumbled and wanted to have everything I could think of :(

I have vowed to myself that I will stick to it until Xmas, get back to drinking my water (wk before last I was averaging 5litres a day!) hopefully if I stick with it I can have a good loss like week 1.


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Oh! Keighley! I completely understand.......indeed I have been in that scenario where my supportive husband tells me not to cave into food but like you in my head I've already made that decision to cheat. That is was you have to conquer but to do that like me you have to understand why. Natalie/Bettiesrevenge has a diary called a daily dose of Natolossphy and I suggest you go and read that. She mentions some self help books, a couple which I have ordered. Even if you don't feel like buying the books go read her diary as that alone may help you get back on track. It's extremely uplifting because she writes with humour and it really got me thinking that I have to stop feeling sorry for myself because I think that does lead to what happended to you......be it an argument, stress from kids or another source and then one feels down, self pity, angry etc so who's the best friend that will make it better? Food, and more food and yes it is comforting for a while but not for long. I hope this helps you refocus and I hope I take my own advice and that of others today!


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Aww honey. I know that feeling from my binges of old. once you've made up your mind, it's a rocket-propelled collision-course to binge city.

I wonder if you can avoid the boredom? For me, there's nothing i like more than spending the weekend home, mostly snuggled in bed. But if that feels like a hardship, could you arrange some things?

If you have a car you could do a boot sale on a sunday. keeps you busy on the saturday sorting stuff out and on the sunday itself - plus you'll make some money that you could spend on a trip to the cinema (unless that's a food trigger for you), and declutter your house into the bargain.

Quite often i arrange to visit a friend to watch strictly together. she knows about the diet so doesn't put temptataion in my way, and it gets me out of the house and puts something into my weekend. you could arrange to watch a film or two - maybe something christmassy. Or perhaps do some makeovers on each other!

or a home makeover? perhaps not full-on decorating if you're feeling the financial pinch, but re-organise a room, make a photo-montage in a cheap clip frame, declutter?

Hold a clothes swap (or persuade someone with a bigger home to host it!). Everyone brings along clothes they no longer wear due to size or just because they've gone off them. sort them into piles by size, then you can root through, try things on, and hopefully take away something new. anything unclaimed goes to the charity shop. my friends and i have three or four of these a year. they're great fun. You can also bring handbags, belts etc and toiletries/cosmetics.

i just think it would help to have something fun to look forward to every weekend, so you don't feel sad and deprived, and as well as that, the hours that you're doing the thing, you can arrange with yourself in advance, will be non-eating hours.


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Hello all! I am a new member on here. Looking for a slimming buddy. Anyone available? I've been on diets since about 8 years of age. My weight has been the single factor causing me considerable depression and low self esteem during my life, as I've tried in desperation over the years and never managed to shift it all. Have lost a few stone since in uni some years ago, but getting to goal has been virtually impossible until now due to long-standing (years), debilitating hormonal problem which has only very recently been medicated. I can never remember being at goal weight. I am 12 '7' - '10' now. I need to get to goal, so I can finally feel good about my body. I have had serious body image problems for years, probably due to having had such a hard time about weight from childhood from certain 'key' individuals (Mum, Uncle etc). This has affected my social life dramatically, most particularly my relationships, where sadly I have found myself unintentionally rejecting promising opportunities with guys over the years. I just want to get to goal and live my best life. Some of you guys are doing amazingly. Anybody out there who would like to be my buddy? I am thinking of starting SS today or tomorrow. I've been using cambridge on and off for the past few months, but due to stress and needing to prepare food for others gave up ss. Thanks for reading this and the very best of success to you all. Festive Greetings! xx


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we have all been through it we will always want what we shouldnt or cant have, i have done it a few times but i have stuck to it straight for the whole week which im proud of. you just have to be strong and say to yourself how much you want to lose weight isit worth 5mins of giving in versus being slim for a lifetime and keeping to iy. you have to change your thinking and eating habbits, we all got have something in common, its out eatign habbits that has made us all fat, im sorry to be blunt and harsh but i think people have to hear harsh words to relise how important this is, your want to feel good about yourself, want to look nice in nice clothes, have a healthy life etc then we need to change, we need to see food as nuturional value put good food inside us which we must learn to do once we get to our target.

i am have many times thoght this wont hurt if i just eat this but it will, it will set you back and make you feel crap about yourself remeber the feeling when you see the scales and you lost weight, or your clothes are loose etc. this diet is not forever so just be patient, you can eat what you like once you reach your target but in moderate..

i am havign 2 days off during xmas but i will be careful what i eat and enjoy the food and not go overboard, there is so much food i crave but its not worth it. hopefully by next march i will have reach target and then i can eat what i like but in moderate and maintain my figure

sorry if i was havign a rant but i just want everyone to be able to achieve their targets and look and feel great :)

you are all my friends and i really want each and every one of you to be able to do this x


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Hi Keighleyjo2010

Well...brave of to 'fess up here. When I go into my binge feeding frenzy its done 'in secret' except to my lovely supportive hubby who looks at me in despair when he sees that green light switch go off in my eyes and he knows there is no stopping me...:d'oh:!!
I have found a website that helps me; normaleating.com, because I really want to be normal (whatever that is)...so when I'm not doing milkshakes, instead of binging I make better choices of food rather than the usual high fat, huge platefuls and whole cakes :eek:
You only have a small way to go (compared to some of us) so why not be a little gentler on yourself. Maybe try slowing your eating down to healthy choices until after Xmas, then jump back onto CD on Boxing Day.
We have to all learn how to eat comfortably eventually. I think we all know at the back of heads (we are intellegent folk) that we cannot do milkshakes forever. There is no magic bullet when this is over. Maintenence is going to be the hardest part of the journey :wave_cry:


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Tbh I binge nearly everyweeked and I think it's the future. Personally I have my ss packs and just eat what I want, not stupid amounts, at weekends. Then in the week I do strict ss no cheating no extras. And I lose 4-6 lb a week still and I'm 17.6 stone. I think it shocks ur body and keeps ur metabloism high. Don't tell my consultant though lol she's won consultant of the year 2011


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But are you still doing loads of exercise and weights? Your body needs those extra calories - most of ours don't.


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No nothing everytime I do exercise I don't lose anything I stay the same. But I'm dead strict when it comes to the 5 weekdays. Trust me it works. But u got to be 100% in the week. It shocks ur body it doesn't know whether it's coming or going. And I havent got a fast metabloism by any means or I wouldn't of been 19st 12lb in the first place


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whatever works for you.

for me the battle is psychological. i know if i allowed myself to start eating i'd never be able to get back on it - not to mention getting back into ketosis.


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The Pause

I picked up an old book I've had lying around for ages (unread) and found an interisting section on binging. The book is Eatingless by Gillan Riley....she says "Recurring / obsessive thoughts are due to neural pathways that have been established in the brain - actual, measurable, observable processes going on there. But neural pathways are not fixed - they can be changed. Compulsive / addictive thoughts go on in the prefrontal cortex. Brain scans show that the prefrontal cortex also becomes active when one is making decisions for oneself. However it is not active when one simply follows instructions (eg a diet). Nor is the prefrontal cortext used when we act mindlessly on our urges and compulsions (eg binging). So if you have spent a lot of time following instructions (dieting) and / or acting mindlessly on impulses (bingeing) you need to work on creating new prefrontal cortex pathways".. (I've seen the term 'emotional muscle' used a bit on this forum, which I assume is referring to the process of creating new neural pathways).

"So how do you change these neural pathways? Simply avoiding feeling the urge to binge (by distracting oneself with other activities, trying to ignore it, numbing out in some other way) does NOT work - no changes take place in the neural pathways when you avoid the feeling. You have to allow yourself to experience the feelings and the desire mindfully, and THEN make the choice not to act on your compulsive urge to eat (or to pause). This process of allowing oneself to experience the desire but then making the decision for oneself not to act on it, actually causes changes in the brain to occur. New neural pathways are established. The more you practice this (or exercise your 'emotional muscle') the easier it becomes because the neural pathways become more established."

So I guess this weight issue is a lot deeper than we imagine. I think the work for most of us is just begining :eek:


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that's the best book i've ever read on binge eating. i think what she touches on there: living with the feeling of wanting to binge - not giving in to it, but not doing it either is such a vaulable, but hard lesson. but i really think it's the key. Like "I want to binge. ok. having that feeling is ok. i'm going to just sit with that feeling, and see what happens if i don't give in to it. what's the worst that can happen?"

easier said than done.

but yeah - this diet doesn't address any of that stuff. these are instructions and rules, and we need to develop our choice and free will.

but the way i see it: i'm taking the weight off first. Then i'll be free to do the hard work. The problem with this and most strategies for overcoming disordered eating is that the ultimate aim is normalising. Breaking free of the compulsive, obsessive behaviours around food. But that's exactly what a diet is. It's obsessive food behaviour. For me, trying to diet has always set back the progress i've made in normalising my behaviour around food - in some cases it made it worse. And yet i needed to lose weight. so, first weightloss, then try for 'normalising'.


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Hi Spangles

I agree with what you wrote.
I too feel I have to lose a LARGE chunk of my weight first to start feeling good about myself and also to not want to sabotage myself.
In a way, although contradictory to what she is writing, this diet does make me stop and think before I go into binge, I am actually questioning myself and NOT giving in at all to the urges. On other diets ie: WW, SW etc etc, because weight loss is so small, I fall off the wagon more easly.
I would never normally be reading so much and researching the whole dieting dilemma if I'm eating (even though its diet food).
However once I'm goal I want to put all I've learned into practise like 'The Diet Guy' and hopefully, like him be goal weight six years down the line. Well that's the plan :)


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Just a note of hope here. I used to binge all the time, the slightest thing would trigger it, good day, bad day, day ending in 'y' etc. BUT I can't remember the last time I binged. I've been doing CD again because an injury made me sofa-bound for 9 weeks then restricted my exercise for many months after that, so wrong choices and lack of exercise meant I gained.

But in all that time I didn't binge, ordinarily pre CD days I would've binged a lot, feeling sorry for myself. Apparently it takes 28 days to create a new habit, and I firmly believe that being on SS for any length of time over the 28 days, without eating is long enough to switch off the old binge tendencies. Well it has for me anyway.