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i cant believe i weigh 11stone 12

weighed myself this morning and i weight 11.12 thats the lowest weight ive seeen in over 20years lol
i have changed from having 3 ss shakes with water and now sticking to 2 shakes with milk red topped milk and thats helping me loose weight quicker than before as before it was 1 or 2 pounds a week and for the past 3 weeks im loosing 3ibs a week
only got 21 to go :):)
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congrats on getting under that 12st mark but you really shouldn't be cutting that shake out you need your quota of vitamins and minerals
Wow well done :) I too am the lightest now ( at 13 stone 2 ) that I have been since I was about 14 ( 18 yrs !!) its a great feeling :)
I too am going to say that it is really unhealthy to only have 2 shakes , even with the milk , your body needs all the vits and nutrients in the 3 shakes , they have been very carefully calculated to give maximum weight loss without damaging your health !! I know how you feel wanting to loose it quicker but it could be that your body is burning muscle too ( which is heavier than fat , so you loose more .. ) and that is why your losses are higher ... if you dont have all your shakes your body can go into 'starvation' mode and use muscle ( and your heart is a muscle , so not good ) as its more efficient at keeping you alive .
sorry mis wrote
i am having 3 shakes but im adding milk to 2 of the shakes and having a salad meal as well
last week i was feeling so faint so i uppered my daily allowence and its made alot of difference to me health and weight loss


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Congratulations and well done nimi:happy096:

well done nimi.... its lovely to see the weight coming off!

nimi - i am on week 9 and losses are slowing, i would like to push things along a bit. do you make 2 of your 3 shakes with milk instead of water? never heard of this before. also, any other tips for boosting my losses?

ps -well done on the losses hun.
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wonderful!! im hoping for the same on friday! xx


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i dont reslly no if your allowed to mix shakes with milk but if im loosing weight by doing that im carrying on lol
as long as i loose weight im not bothered
and my dizzy spells have gone since mixing shakes with milk

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