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i cant believe im even asking this

Yes , a lot of people have trouble with constipation while on LT . Personally I found Senocot great . Take 2 before bed and I could be sure something would happen next day. LT supply Fiber Clear which you can add to the shakes ,again works for some but didnt for me. Expensive too. Some people need something stronger and used ducolax but that can give bad stomach cramps and an explosive reaction:eek:!!!!!!!!
I have trouble if I dont keep going regularly so I try everything from senokot, fibre clear and ducolax...


Wants to Maintain Gd!!
i am just surprised as i did not think we would go for a poo poo if we are only on shakes and water?


Life is not a Rehersal!
I think the majority have problems..I have too...but you know, since I have been doing my Vibroplate (3 days), I have gone twice over the weekend!! Strange!!

I know what you mean though about not thinking you would go, but you do, albiet not very often.

I have used the Fibreclear, which didnt do much, but the Duculox (never know how to spell it) worked within 30 mins,,relieved after 9 days...agony.

Just another side effect of LT, but well worth it :)
I am on day 10 and nothing changed for me. It's like clockwork:D. Wake up in the morning, have a cup(s) of coffee, cigarette(s)- (yeah I know but can't give up everything at the same time:eek:) and go to the toilet. No change whatsoever. Drinking lots of water and mild exercise (to shake up things :D) does seems to help.

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