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I can't eat my lunch....


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I have made a lovely pasta salad for lunch, it tastes yum yet I have had about 6/7 forkfulls and had to put it back in the fridge....Does anyone else find that they are having decreasing appetites?

I had a good breakfast of eggs, roasted tomatoes and toast plus I drank a lot of water already today maybe thats the reason...

Claire xx
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Definitely, I've started to find eating much on a green day quite a chore.

Guess you just need to pace yourself.


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Eat to your appetite :D
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Eggs= Protein, very good for filling you up, also fluids fill you, don't force yourself, save it for later ;)



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I have definitely found this, as someone has already suggested eat to your own appetite and only eat when genuinely hungry and not bored (my old problem :eek:)

I do sometimes worry I am not eating enough, but honestly I dont feel the need to :D

With your lunch theres nothing to say you have to eat it in one sitting, you are in control and know when to stop and put down the fork. I say good for you :D

Mrs V

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I quite regularly find this. But then I have a gb, so breakfast for me keeps me going for quite a few hours!
I would certainly try and get into the habbit of eating when you are hungry and not because it is "a meal time". Try drinking a glass of water first, if you still feel hungry after 30mins, then eat, otherwise it was your body saying that you are dehydrated.


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I am a great advocate of eating only when hungry. I mostly just have one meal a day, which is mainly evenings, but if I am hungry I eat more. Generally, one meal a day keeps me going.


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S: 124.5kg C: 120.2kg G: 80kg BMI: 37.5 Loss: 4.3kg(3.46%)
Well its now 5:15 here and I just started to feel hungry, so therefore I am probably gonna have a couple more spoonfuls before I go home and then I won't snack while I prepare dinner and walk the dogs etc....at least the dogs will like the leftover pasta/tuna :)
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I find this occasionally, but when I exercise I find I eat less. I just don't feel hungry, esp when I've done a particularly tough workout *shrug*

Oh I'm sure the dogs will be very happy to have the tuna pasta! That's one of my two dogs favourites ;)


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I am having a terrible time with hunger at the moment. I assume its down the the hormone tablets that the doctor put me on, to temporarily stop my periods. Ever since i have been on them, I have found myself a lot more hungry. I am craving food so much, and cant stop thinking about it, although I am managing to keep to plan , but definitely using all of my syns. I just want to eat all the time lol

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