I cant seem to get back on it


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The worst mistake i made was going off Lipotrim, i cant seem to stick at it. Ive wasted so much time and money and energy teh last 3 weeks and i keep failing. I broke up with my boyfriend and its thrown me upside down altogether. All i want is food. I have a weeks worth of shakes and i want to start again on Monday how can i succeed this time. What have the rest of you done in my situation??
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look at whats u have achieved already... that should keep u goin. every wk i wanted to quit n then when i seen the weight come of i was sayin... yeah il do it fo one more week!!


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Sounds like you're having a rough patch. As Blondie has said, look what you've achieved already? Don't undo all that hard work.

Sending you positive vibes. :) :vibes:
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good luck - u just got to stay strong - promise yourslef u will be perfect for 7 days - and then it wont seem as long


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hi take 1 day at a time it gets easier you know it does
keep strong
all the best


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Ask yourself what is important- to be slim or to eat food right now! ;)

it aint easy

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i found if i thought to myself oh my god iv weeks left on this id get sick of it and feel like eating saying its not working but then i thought look il stay on for just this week and see how much weight i lose and by the end of the week your like wow ...it gives you a kick start...
take each week one at a time...
do it for yourself ..no one else ..imagine how great you will feel and look ...
im so sorry you broke up with your boyfriend but use it as a bit of motivation ..think in however many weeks time if he bumps into you and you have lost all the weight how fab you will look !!!!!
thtas certainly how i would deal with it ...
best of look
you know you CAN do it
keep us updated

rainbow brite

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Babe I was the same as you, kept starting and failing at lunch time or in the evening but I finally got my head sorted and bit the bullet five days ago and it's going great. You need to be completely ready for it and remember how much you want this. You can do it, you know you can as you've done it before. xx