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i could murder a takeaway tonight ( food mentioned)

I know how you feel :D

Sometimes only real junk food will do .... but nothing tastes as good as being slim..such a cliche.....BUT soooooo true.

Resist and cook up some lovely chicken and you'll feel sooo much better x

p.s wicked weight loss!


Eat to live don't live to eat!
Rich, you have done 29 weeks, therefore you have the willpower of a saint! Enjoy your chicken & veg and I am sure the pizza craving will pass x
Whenever I feel like this I remember that in the beginning I used to say to myself 'just get through this evening'
You've done so well and still doing well by resisting!
Yes, you are a star 'loser' - don't give into temptation now. Your weight loss so far is completely awesome!
Today has been an odd day for me, feeling tired as I think I overdid my walking yesterday, and have been feeling hungry at times.
Was relieved when my friend from work let me know this morning that she wasn't going to the Notting Hill carnival - unfortunately her poor mum is in hospital, but I was seriously wondering if I could resist the food stalls and drinks (plus the Trinidadian hamper that her family would have brought along), even though this friend is so supportive as she lost weight on CD years ago and has kept it off.
Think I needed a moan, luckily 3 CD packs left to enjoy.
So, lets make a pact to keep away from anything that will hinder our progress.


WILL be Slim!
i'm having a real food weekend too so i'm feeling your pain!
I'm still SS'ing so cant even console myself with chicken or tuna! BOO!
Stick with it! you know its worth it!!!!!

Well done Blingbabe and Lizz. I know the pain too - went to a fete today that had my fav tuna sarnies and coffee cake. I had a black coffee lol
LOL watergirl, I have completely gone off the taste of tuna in the past few years (think I eat too much of it doing diets like Weightwatchers and Slimming World - but favourite foods really do trigger strong reactions.
I hope richman14 is doing ok this evening - I have now employed my top strategies and feel better
(1) bath with Lush crumbly bubble bath float (not quite sure what to call this product) followed by lavender scented body cream and spray
(2) lit a Yankee lavender candle
(3) oops, got some new make-up from QVC - don't quite need it now but was a reduced price etc
(4) watching nice Jane Austen film on TV
Was feeling a bit fed up about being cold and tired but the friend that I was out with yesterday has rung and says she feels exactly the same (and she's on Slimming World).
Going to the cinema tommorow, that will keep my thoughts away from food for a while.
I know it's all worth it


WILL be Slim!
my lovely DH is eating the flapjacks i made for him and DD this morning, and its killing me!
So i've had my slush-puppy shake with a bouillion drink!
I still have 1 more pack to go, but not sure what to have yet...porridge, shake or soup?
Hope your ok this evening Rich. You have done so well with your weight loss. Just get through this evening and like the girls say above it will pass and you will feel fab for resisting. xx


Recovering Foodaholic
Well done, Rich for sticking at it. I didn't and spent all of yesterday regretting is, feeling sick and I still have stomach ache this morning. Not that I had a lot, mostly protein, but the all the additives kept me wide awake as well as feeling sick. The thing is, it was nice, but not has wonderful as I was imagining. Wish I had the chicken and veg! Will remember this feeling next time I want to cave in.

Your loss is amazing! A whole new life for you x
thanks guys as it happens i did cheat last night. and also felt shbit after it

had pasta pene and then couldnt help myself had pack of haribos and few maltesers... i have as i say only done this once or twice since starting cambridge and yes felt bad but woke up 7am this morning and punished myself big time at the gym. I wasnt going to go on scales but i did and im were i was 2 days ago so jsut now got to carry on as before.. dont feel better for it altough did give me super energy for the workout... But i should have jsut left it at the pasta but you live and learn i jsut have to make sure this treats arent constantly repeated!!

I so know what its like - I am sure that so many of us do. But unfortunately when I cheat, I carry on for weeks and months. Well done on getting to the gym and continuing this wonderful (but sometimes challenging) diet. Good Luck!


WILL be Slim!
where as i'm struggling AGAIN! 3rd night in a row!
I refuse to give in....so instead i'm going to sit and plan routes for me to run over the next couple of days!
Doesnt excite me though as much as Tuna is right now! :(

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