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I cracked


time to get focused
Don't worry about it Hun, you haven't blown it just had a minor setback. When you wake up this morning pretend it never happened and get back to glugging your water. Don't beat yourself up too much and please don't let this into anything other than a 'one off slip up'. Stay strong xx
you only fail if you give up so promise yourself that you will not pig out and sabortage yourself again and remember how it felt when you did
It was worth it hon but unfortunately change takes energy and the old "uncomfortable" behaviour can feel mighty comfortable in it's own way. Your mind is used to turning to holding certain beliefs and behaviours around food and it takes time to develop new beliefs and behaviours. But you've already proved to yourself that you can do it because you did it for a few days....now dig deep and find that courage and put a big smile on your face and start again. Just focus on getting through today and let tomorrow take care of itself :)

Big hugs
hey im sure we all have those days when put bodies make us want to pack it all in, but one blip no big deal, carry one your still on a VLCD so will loose weight despite that one mistake! keep going as if it never happened x
Hun its just one of those things u jus need to think, yeh it happened but ill get right back on It and keep goin remember its a habit of a life time that ur changin, its nt easy! X x x
I've had a few of those hungry moments, in the middle of the night, so i go downstairs and fix myself a nice apple and cinnamon porridge. i'm not really cheating and sometimes, we run around all day and do more than we should, for me it's my body telling me i really need an extra 140 cals. So pick yourself up, pick up where you left off and remember, if you feel you can't take it, have another pack, it's better than raiding the fridge.
Hey get straight back on it!!!! If you think oh i will try in a few days!!! it just wont work............. its just seems so much harder the next time :-( good luck

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