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I did a good thing today... And a bad thing

So today, i am immensley proud of myself, i ran 10k in the Race for Life in leicester today. Was so pleased with myself, managed it in under my estimate of An Hour 20mins, did it in an hour 17mins and averaged pretty much a 13 minute mile. Very Very Pleased.

However, got home absolutely shattered and starving! i needed food so had a piece of left over breaded haddock in a sandwich - think wholemeal slices! S**T!!! My syns today are at about 23! Lol!

So can i just hold back on a few syns over the next few days to even it out? Or, do you think that as i did quite a lengthy jog i shouldnt be so hard on mysef?

Steph. x
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I think if it was me I'd work out how to juggle the healthy extras around to reduce the syns and go easy on myself after running 10k!

I think if maybe you reduce the syns for the rest of the week you will be fine.

Well done on your run! 10k is a loooong way!!


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I wouldn't be so hard on yourself!
What an amazing achievement, well done!

I would flexi syn today, its not a huge amount and you did run 10k at a fab time too :)

Again well done to you :)


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Wow! Bladdy hell I am in awe, I seriously dont think an extra 8 syns is even going to scrape the surface of having run 10k!!! :eek:

Mass admiration! Well done you! :flirt2:
thank you for your comments!
Think im just panicking abit. Im new to slimming world.
thought i had a good week last week and was geared up for a good loss and only lost half a pound! lol! Apparently i wasnt optimising properly, not enough super free foods with breakfast and lunch (never thought id be on a diet and be told to eat more)! lol!
But yeah, probably just abit worried as want a good loss for next Thursday!
At least i can say i bloody enjoyed that sandwich! would have been gutted if it was crap and id ate over my syns! Haha!


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I ran the 5k Sheffield Race for Life last week, so well done on the 10k!!

About the sandwich - so what! You will be burning calories at a faster rate for 10 hours after your run (afterburn) so don't be hard on yourself at all! We had a party after Race for Life last sunday and I had 6 gins in a tin, a burger and hot dog from the BBQ inc bread THEN a chinese in the evening (eeek!!) and lost 2 1/2lb at weigh in.

Well done again xx
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Hey Steph,

Well done, 10k is a looong way! Congrats! Last time I signed up for a 10k I chickened out, so I am very impressed.

Running 10k burns about 800cals, so I think you're entitled to a sandwich! It's not like you went off to consume an entire KFC family bucket by yourself or someting, lol. Go easy on yourself :)



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WELL DONE!! On the 10K thats amazing.

I think you can let yourself off the sandwich for today :)

Ace, well done on the 10k!

I did 5k last week, and went for 44 syns worth of McDonald's after.... was the best meal of my life lol x

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