I don't like Mondays

Discussion in 'General Weekly Weigh-In' started by tarotwoman, 30 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. tarotwoman

    tarotwoman Loves life

    First week since joining forum - 3lb lost. Weight-in day has got to be Monday else I would binge at weekend and hope I could get it off during the week.

    I do like Monday's, well for today anyway.

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  3. Kes

    Kes Gold Member

    congrats on the 3lb!!! mondays is my weigh in day too....
    although i weigh in most days ( i know i shouldnt!!)
    trying to be good about it this week!
  4. tarotwoman

    tarotwoman Loves life

    Hi Kes,

    Glad you've told me you weigh in most days too - there's no way I could go a whole week without weighing myself. Thought I was the only one.

    You've done really well so far losing every week recently, hope I can do as well.

  5. Kes

    Kes Gold Member

    well this week ive not weighed since monday!! woop woop... im so proud of myself..
    im hoping for a loss this week.. although bit stressed at the moment, and i know that stress doesnt help in my loss (or lack there of!!)
    its also the time of the horrid month!!! so i def should lose! WELL I BETTER!!!!
  6. tarotwoman

    tarotwoman Loves life

    Wish I had your willpower - I got weighed as usual this morning and I'm same as yesterday. I even move the scales to different positions in the room to see if I weigh less in a different place and step on them slowly hoping they'll stay lower. Sad in't it?

    Good news is at least I've stuck to the diet.

  7. Kes

    Kes Gold Member

    thats so funny i do the exact same thing.. even move my feet to different spots on the scales to see if that makes a difference!!!!
    sad yes! but i thnk we all do it!!!!
  8. tarotwoman

    tarotwoman Loves life

    Glad I'm not the only mad one - you've made my day!

  9. Kes

    Kes Gold Member

    yes i too laughed and then told hubby, that im not the only one that does it...
  10. tarotwoman

    tarotwoman Loves life

    Hi Kes,

    You've given me inspiration and I've managed to get up this morning without weighing myself. I won't get weighed at all today now because I'm dressed (although I have been known to get undressed in the middle of the day just to weigh myself) but I've had breakfast and 2 cups of coffee so I'd weigh too much.

    Last time I dieted 'properly' my hubby hid the scales thinking he was helping me, I was like a drug addict till I found them, I must've gone through the entire house (they were on top of the wardrobe).

    Maybe I'll try to aim for every other day to start with.

  11. Kes

    Kes Gold Member

    yes i am known to get undressed into what i would normally be wearing to weigh myself throughout the day !!! LOL...
    its that time of the month this week, so i know its not going to be right anyway... but the urge is still there!! LOL
  12. tarotwoman

    tarotwoman Loves life

    OMG can't believe you do all the same things as me (lol).

    Gona allow myself a weigh in the morning, feel I deserve it after the day I've had. Been trying all day to set up security for my wifi - what a job! Hubby did it all originally and he's away so yours truly is left with everything to mend.

    I'm trying to think of what calorieless treats I can have. Only thing I can come up with is a bath with posh bubbles in, face mask and scented candles. Most of what I consider a treat comes with a shed load of calories.

  13. Kes

    Kes Gold Member

    oh how nice would a bubble bath with scented candles be!!!!
    in a right mood tonight... feel like im at the end of my tether!! just burst into tears....
    im such an emotional mess when it comes to my period! ehhhh might weigh in tomorrow and see if it makes me feel a little better
    although ive not had any exercise this week. so ive more than likely put on! grrr.
  14. tarotwoman

    tarotwoman Loves life

    I know the feeling, I'm like that this week. Everything is going wrong and hubby not here to fix it. I've got step-ladders in the hallway, cd's coming out my ears and loads of set-up leaflets; non of which tell you how to set the security!

    I'm gona do the same in the bath tonight but make sure I've enough calories left for a large glass of wine - heaven!

    Try it yourself tonight - I got the indian massage scented oils; it's lovely.

  15. tarotwoman

    tarotwoman Loves life

    2 packets of butter

    1lb lost this week :clap: doesn't sound a lot but it's 2 packets of butter, and 1lb nearer my target.

    Sooooooooooo happy!

  16. tarotwoman

    tarotwoman Loves life

    Another week, another pound

    Another pound this week, 2 more packets of butter. That's first half stone gone!!!!!!!

  17. Kes

    Kes Gold Member

    ohhh wow well done,
    sorry ive been a bit MIA!!
    its hard not having official weigh ins... cant wait till next monday!"
    then i get to do the updating! lol
    but according to the wii, ive lost 5lb (in 2 weeks), and accoding to the scales upstiars which ive come to the conclusion they are rubbish) ive lost 2lb (in 2 weeks)
    so ill just have to wait for the Dr's on monday! ehhhhhh
  18. tarotwoman

    tarotwoman Loves life

    Thanks Kes, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you next Monday. How often do you have an official weigh-in at docs?

    Do you do the wii fit thing for exercise? I got Total Gym out yesterday and I'm determined to use it. I only did a bit yesterday - got to build it up gradually, but my legs are like jelly today. I'm still gona do it again tonight. I don't mind doing it really, I just don't like all the faffing about changing the leg pulley and stuff about. I suppose I'll get the knack of it and it won't seem so bad.

  19. Kes

    Kes Gold Member

    i usually have weigh in every 2 weeks but the dr is away this week so its gone to 3... eekkk it will go to 4 soon, but not sure when......

    i do (but not for 2 weeks.. ehhhh but did it yesterday) wii fit, and wii fit plus.. (mainly the plus now..)
    do you have a wii???
  20. tarotwoman

    tarotwoman Loves life

    No, I haven't got one. My son brought his when he came in the summer but it was a bit hot for it. I'd like one, might get one in the future but I'll have to stick to total gym for now. I'm gona have to try and make it a habit, same time everyday otherwise I'll forget and if it gets too late I can't be bothered then.

    Could you try and get weighed every week on your own scales? It does seem a bit much 3 or 4 weeks between, it's the weigh-ins and seeing the losses that keep you going - well it does me. I weigh myself on my own scales in bedroom every Monday morning (naked and before I eat or drink anything) and use that as my official. So long as I either lose (even half a pound) or STS I'm be happy.

  21. Kes

    Kes Gold Member

    my scales ive come to the conclusion are rubbish, but i do still weigh on them...
    my wii is never that correct either....

    my official weigh ins are the Dr's ones,
    but i still weigh (most days ) on my ones at home, but one min they will say im 15 st, 3lb then the next they will say im 14st 10!!!! which is kinda a but errr thannks!
    i think im hovering over 14st 10lb... but i hope that they are wrong, and im less....... as that would mean ive only lost a pound since the last Dr app, and i might just get my bottom smacked if that is the case....
    ive not really had that much time to exercise and im begining to think that its what i need to keep going on the weight loss...
    so if anyone ever tells you that you can loose weight without exercise... they are dreaming!!

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