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I failed already! Knew i would :(


Taking the Scenic Route..
So as im sure you all guessed (as i have been abcent) i failed shortly after my "omg im struggling already post" i ate, and haven't stopped since :sigh:

Feeling very angry with myself, hurt and i just want to cry!! :cry::cry::cry:
I said this time would be different...
My hubby was just laughing saying "didn't i tell you". i feel so s**t its unreal!

I really want to be able to do this. Im going to attempt it again tomorrow.

Sorry for whinging, but i dont have anyone i can talk 2 who understands :(

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Ok, you're giving it another go tomorrow. Which means you have not given up..........which means


You only fail if you give up trying and your posts so far do not paint a picture of someone who gives up trying

You can do this, Chick :hug99:



Taking the Scenic Route..
Thank you Toots :hug99:
I dont want to give up, i really need to do this for myself more than anything!

Thanks alot for your kind words, means alot xx
This diet is so very hard and it really doesn't help if the people that are around you are telling you that you will fail.

I did this diet with a friend and that helped me a lot. At the same time I didn't tell many people what I was doing so they couldn't knock me back. It seems to be human nature to do that sometimes.

It's a bit difficult when it's your husband though. My ex was like that all the time so i know what it's like.

Good luck for tomorrow.


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If you didn't want to do it you would not have posted - so the strength and the willing to do this is already there

Tomorrow is a brand new day, a clean slate full of possibilities. You can do this. One day at a time, one shake at a time.

You'll get there :hug99::hug99:



Taking the Scenic Route..
Mojo yes its hard when people tell you that you will fail :sigh:
but thank you so much toots and mojo for your words of encouragement. Its amazing how a few kind words can bring someones mood up. Thank you xx
Fresh start tomorrow and you go and prove him wrong, you CAN do it and you will. Little slips will happen (like mine today!) but you just get back on it and will lose weight :)

Christmas is 17 weeks away and we have our goal now to aim for so good luck for tomorrow.

S x


Still Climbing That Hill!
I know what it's like to have a hubby expecting you to "fail yet again" it's disheartening and depressing when they are proved right at least they think they are. Get up tomorrow dust yourself down and start again. Good luck.
Ok so that was a trial run....it's always best to try new things out before you decide to take the plunge. You will be stronger for the feelings you have had over the last few days believe it or not! Take it an hour at a time, there is massive support for you right here. Hugs x;)


Rebel without a calorie
You can do it. It's the start of a new day so put the last few days behind you.
This is for your hubby :whoopass:
How very dare he!!! You deserve his support not to be laughed at when it got too much. Does he want you to stay fat and unhappy? Or is he worried about what will happen to him once you're slim?
grrr hubby! that is not nice!

get back on track lovely, and prove him wrong! my o/h tries his very best to lead me off track when i do vlcd, i genuinely think if it wasnt for him i'd have been at target a long time ago. i know how tough it is.

do you think he doesnt want you to lose weight? i know my o/h thinks that i will leave him if i'm slim, so he thinks keeping me nice and plump will keep me around. i'm not sure whether to think "aww bless him" or "hey, i could leave ANY TIME I WANTED regardless of my weight, cheeky sod!" lol x
good for you!! i guess i can see where the low self esteem comes into it with being bigger, and maybe more confidence when you feel good about yourself. i hope you finally found the happiness you were looking for :) xx
So what can we do to help you stay on track?
What time of day do you want to eat the most? What time are you currently having your packs?

I have black coffee in the morning which keeps me going until lunch time when I have my bar.
At 4/5 I have the soup and then my shake around 8. I know I need something in the eveningore so than the morning.

In the evenings I have started doing things like painting my nails (you can't pick with wet nails)

I will also admit to having coke zero sometimes. It really helps if I feel I need something sweet or can't bare another glass of water.
Also, I have a couple of times, at the last minute had to have some chicken and salad as I really felt that I needed something. Not to be done every day but if it's a choice between that or completely going for it in the bread bin for me it's the wiser choice!
For me, my husband thinking I wouldn't be able to stick to it has been another reason to keep going. When I slipped on my size 12's I said to husband 'you didn't think I'd do this did u?' and got a 'nope, I was wrong' in return!!! HA, smug to the max!!


Rebel without a calorie
I certainly have :) My OH has been totally supportive and has listened to me banging on about food and diets without complaining lol. I did tease him the other day about me having 'form' for ditching my man after losing weight ha ha. But when I met him I was a stone and a half bigger than I am now and despite gaining even more weight, and now losing it, he loves me regardless.
One of the reasons my hubby doesn't want me to get thin is because I spend loads of money on clothes.
When I'm bigger clothes shops depress me but give me my size 10 body, a good pair of mummy tummy suck me in pants and I'm a lean, mean, spending machine!!
aw kitty thats lovely i'm glad you found happiness in the end. my o/h is a sap really, when we met i weighed 4-5 stone less than i do now (and i was still very overweight then tbh) but every day he tells me i'm beautiful. bless him. he just likes boobs!! lol. although as i say, he does try to lure me off track. i'm not sure if it's just cause he doesnt want me to lose the weight in case i leave, or because he doesnt see the point in me doing something "extreme" like this cause he doesn't think i need to lose weight. rose tinted specs much, i'm 9 stone overweight!! x
oh gosh i already spend loads of money on clothes, i really think i'll be a nightmare if i ever get small enough for topshop etc, i want to be a lovely slim fashionista so badly!!


Taking the Scenic Route..
Thanks alot ladies :)
No hubby actually does want me to lose weight! Hes always on at me about my weight...he was just happy to have been proven right when i caved.

Im on track today so far....
Im trying to leave my packs for later in the day like you Lisaberry, as evenings are worst for me!
sorry just a quick reply as im taking the boys to the park...back on later :D

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