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I FAILED MISERABLY........................

S: 20st7lb C: 20st7lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 44.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
And I feel so ashamed! :ashamed0005: I have never been so positive in my life about doing this diet and it’s the only thing that I want to do for myself however last night I broke it. It was all going well until my OH’s sister rang and as usual she had something nasty to say about me. I have never done anything to this woman she hates me because I am the reason his brother is marrying out of his race and she can’t stand white people. I have never been raciest in my life and believe that everyone is equal no matter what shape, colour or sizes. On every occasion she puts me down and says that I am not good enough and as always the weight matter comes up and that he could do so much better than being with me. The fella was trying in his own way to stick up for me and told her that I was on a diet and had lost 11lbs, which added fuel to her fire. I told the fella before I started this diet that I didn’t want any of his family to know, my own family don’t either as they don’t approve of vlcd’s and I knew they would judge me in a bad way. The only person that knows about the diet is a very good supportive friend and she knows all too well why I am trying to get myself out of this rut.

Two hours later after the phone call I received a few nasty texts from her, they read “hey fatty, I heard ya are a diet and I had to write this text to tell you that I have never laughed so hard in my life and know that ya are never going to do it “Ya white trash will always be ugly, wen ya look in the mirror ya will only see a lump of ugly blubber looking back. Have ya ever seen black or asian fat women? We don't use our mouths as a railroad for food!! Ya are an ugly fat white b*****d and I will do everything in my power to see that you don’t get married to my brother”

Well anyways I felt really upset and cried my heart out, as she is right I do feel I am ugly so I turned to food for comfort. I couldn’t stomach much but had a small veg curry and rice (homemade); it ended up making me feel sick which in a way was good. I didn’t let my OH know what the text said as I don’t want him to fall out with her, family is family and don’t believe in coming between anyone and anyways I know he would be livid.

What I really should have done was logged onto this site but I wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone and didn’t want to be judged. I just hope that I haven’t done too much harm with being in ketosis.:cry:

Now hopefully I can get back on track…………….. :sad0071:
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OMG what a horrible nasty person she is !!! I would of been straight round to her's an knocker her f*******g head off cheeky ***** !!! Sorry for that rant but it has really wound me up. It's just a little blip that you have had get back on it today and you;ll be fine just keep thinking how good you felt at ur weigh in and how good you'll feel at your next and don't let her get to you.. wait til she see's the new slimmer you that will wipe the smile of her smarmy face, keep going chick you can do this, best of luck, take care xxxxx
OMG I can't believe what a vile person she is, and yes there are large ladies in all races! I would definately show it to your husband to be as I believe you should be open and honest with your partner however hard it is.
If you wanted to take it further you could show it to the police as that is racial abuse towards you and it is disgusting I know you don't want to upset your OH but he should know how upset you are because of this.
Pick yourself back up and tell yourself you are better than her because you are and get back on track and show her that you will be skinny xx
omg what a nasty piece of work. You shouda came on here hun we could of talked you out of it. forget about her just keep going i doubt you did to much damage with what you ate. make sure and drink plenty of water today to flush it through :)
I think you need to separate the diet and what this women is saying to you. She is totally racist and she hates you because you are white not because you are overweight or she thinks you are ugly.

I also think your fiance should know what kind of stupid messages she sends you and then you need to get her number blocked.

Can I ask how old this woman is?

And yes, you could involve the police it is that serious however, this might cause even more upset for you and partner.

I think next time she is on the phone to your boyfriend saying you are fat he needs to tell her that he isn't going to speak to her while she is saying such hurtful things about the woman he loves. If she continues, he hangs up until she learns its not worth saying anything negative about you. Bollox to all that not coming between family, you are soon to be his family and she doesn't cosnider that for one minute does she?

God I am furious. What an utter *****.
What a bliddy bitter cowbag!

You ignore her, Next time she starts tell her to swivel!!

I come from a mixed race family of nigerian origin and let me tell you some of my rellies are well stacked all over....and some are thin as rakes...takes allsorts to make a world!

That Hell Biatch needs a reality check!
I agree with the girls let your OH know what his sister is doing to you. Together you are strong, nothing will come between you. She is trying to do just that! So tell him what she has done, you are his best friend and he loves you he would be very hurt to think you did not share this with him.
If you come on here you will get all the support you can use and more, you are doing GREAT, never mind the slip up, drink lots of water and get back on track. She will eat her own words when she sees how great you look! Keep going ;0)
S: 20st7lb C: 20st7lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 44.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks everyone for your messages, unfortunately I am not that good at confronting people and end up just letting everyone walk over me thats why it has probably continued on for so long. I cant do anything about the phone text either as she lives in America and I have blocked her before but she keeps changing her number so many times, I have requested from my phone provider today to change my number as I really dont want this to upset me further, I still feel very upset and can't get back into the diet again. I know my partner would be indeed very angry with her and would disown her but as she is the only girl in the family she has such an influence on her parents as well and would end in such a huge arugument which is something that I dont want. His sister is 33 years old and has never had a weight problem in her life.
Oh my fecking god!! What a cheeky cowbag she is! I tell you I wouldna be having any of that, get round to hers and knock her block off and before you do that make sure you show your hubby to be! He should know and and sure if he did, he's not have her talking to you like that. If he did let her carry on talking to you like that I'd be binning him as well, that is just NOT ON!!

You could use to your advantage and just think you could also wipe that smug grin off her face by actually doing thid diet and prove her wrong - now even mastercard cant buy that - its priceless!

Kepp strong and by the way - fantastic loss so far - keep it up.x


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OMG WAT A COMPLETE *****!!!! thought of a lot of other words but thought id better not .... so wat if u are a bit ova weight SO WAT ... shes just JELOUS!!!!!! ... u keep going hun ignore the spitful cow.. theres a reason your mans with u and wants 2 marry u and thats cos he loves u the way ur.. i agree with everything every1 has said .... u go girl and u show her!!! and wipe that smile off her nasty face ... dnt let her get 2 u ... its just a blip we all do it just get back on and keep goin xx


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what a horrid ******* ****,***** nasty ******* ****, aww i realy hate people like that, maybe this woman is jelouse hun, she is most probley so ******* ugly to go with her ugly insides, u should tell ur OH , and when u do shift the weight then what she aint gonna change, if she loved her brother that much she should be happy for him (and u ) or least try to be nice for his sake,
next time if there is a next time (give us all her fone number :D ) srry bad joke :eek:
come on to forum, dont let the witch make u eat, u can do this diet sod her.

ps, srry got a lil angry there :eek:
S: 20st7lb C: 20st7lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 44.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Now i wish I had of come on to here last night, the support from ya all has been tremendous, my oh is home at 9 tonight so I am going to discuss it with him then. Like everyone said I dont want to keep secrets from him and its up to him then. Thanks again guyz.


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Good luck hun, and dont hold bk tell him every think, she shouldnt get away with it :p
S: 20st7lb C: 20st7lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 44.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks chick, I will keep yas posted on how it goes.
Sweetheart you are quite vulnerable to bullying and this is what this woman is doing to you. You are doing the right thing by sharing the matter with your OH. It is his family and he is entitled to know what is going on.

Now enough about her, our concern is with you. It is hard to reach out for help when you feel really bad and understandable that you have fallen back on an old pattern of behaviour (eating) that you are comfortable with.

If you want to do this plan and reach your goal then you can, but you have to be very focussed. That means reaching out to us on here when you hit a bad patch instead of turning to food. It also means making a decision now that you are not going to let anybody elses behaviour, whoever they are, stop you from achieving your goal.

It won't always be easy, not being hungry on LT is great, but it doesn't deal with the emotional hunger that we feel and we all have to find new ways to deal with emotions other than eating. All I can say to you is that I believe that you can do this. You are not on your own, there are people here who can help you, as you are already helping us with your contributions.

Finally I would like to say that the incident you have responded to by eating is a very serious, extreme one so I don't think you should beat yourself up about it, just move on xxx
I agree with tara you have got to get focused again and we can all do this together xx remember if ever you feel the need for food or comfort there is always someone here to chat xx hope everything goes well with oh when he gets in x


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Sorry you've had to go through this - my only comment would be is to say such awful things no matter how slim she is she is a very ugly person through and through. You can lose weight and remain beautiful by not allowing her nastiness to take over your life.
As for the food , so what thats it put it behind you and get back on track.
Good luck with everything
I love seeing people on here go down in weight , but now i hope to see u more then anyone lose it just to smirk right in her face ... i cant understand somebody hurting someone else like that , u do it and u make her sick :)
S: 20st7lb C: 20st7lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 44.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I am so thankful to everyone for your kind sentiments, it has touched me deeply. I started back today and I chat with my counsellor as well so I am on the up again and looking forward to my weigh in on friday. Thanks everyone

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