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  1. mysticaldragon

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    Cambridge Diet
    I think I'm on a weight loss plateau. I ony lost 2 lbs. this week which was not so bad considering last week was my 'period'.

    The only thing is I feel weak and bloated like a have water retention. I also feel there's too much trapped wind in my tummy and a little bit constipated. I have no appetite to take CD shakes at all. I don't feel like exercising because I haven't got enough energy. What's happening to me? Help me... I still have over a stone to lose.
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  3. Gill-cdthing

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    your retaining water, try not to get despondant, next week you will get a good loss, and if you keep a track of your weekly weight losses you will see a pattern, good luck
  4. Isobel1965

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    Hi hun - soz if I've missed the info somewhere else but are you on SS? How long have you been on the diet?

    Are you taking Fibre 89 or psyillium husks? They help with the bloating and constipation!

    Have you got a stone to go til your BMI is 25?

    How much water are you drinking? You might need to drink more in order to feel more comfortable.
  5. mysticaldragon

    mysticaldragon Member

    Cambridge Diet

    This is my fifth week so I'm on AAM. I took psyllium husks this morning to help ease the constipation.

    Actually, I'm already on the healthy bmi range but I would still like to lose more because I'm southeast asian and still considered overweight where I come from. On the cambridge handbook, it mentioned that asians should have bmi of 18-23.

    I'm not drinking too much water at the moment because it's making me sick.
  6. Isobel1965

    Isobel1965 Gold Member

    Yup - that's right - I read it's because Asian people show signs of health related conditions caused by being underweight, at lower weights than other races - at least that's what it said in Grazia magazine, I think! lol!

    So you're fine to continue SSing for a wee while longer - I just wanted to check lol.

    Glad to hear you're on PH - they're good!

    Do try to drink more water though, hun - it really is key to this diet. If you can't face plain water, then try black tea, especially peppermint or green tea (with tablet sweetener) which is good for digestion problems and is very comforting when you're not feeling fab!

    Hope you feel better soon (it might be that you're feeling out of sorts because you're on AAM - I know that it gave me horrid pains and digestive problems after SSing). Hang on in there, hun!
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