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i feel really ill


i love minimins me :)
so i had a lil sleep, now i feel 10 times worse, i feel so light headed and weak :( and everything jus seems really fuzzy, my head is killin and i really jus wanna cry
if i have a pack will it make me better, i jus dont wanna have it then be sick either

my tummy is goin mad but i have drank around 6 pints of water so far, if i should have a pack do i have soup or shake

ooo and i normally have lots of coffee, but i havent hadany since i started, cos i cant drink it black, wud coffee taste nicer with vanilla or cappinchino?
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Hey Stacey!
Sorry your feeling rough! The first 3-4 days are the hardest once you get past that and through the 1st week things will be SO much easier i promise!
Your going through the withdrawel of carbs, sugar, caffine, etc! It does and will get easier!
Have another food pack if you can or half of one, might take the edge off!
Just try to relax, have a bath, read a book, etc. Just think of those lbs melting away!
Hope you feel better xx


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you are on day 2? take a couple of painkillers. i found choc/cappachino is fine in coffee, add a sweetner tab.

try half a pack.


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ooo and i normally have lots of coffee, but i havent hadany since i started,
Caffiene withdrawl i know how you feel, black coffee isnt that bad , this is day 2 you can do this 2 paracetamol and a cold flannel.



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i love minimins me :)
thanks everyone

i had a cappinchino shake with some coffee and i feel slightly better, am worried cos i am at uni tomorrow nd i dont wanna be ill :(



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im sure you will feel loads better tomorrow, it only lasts bad for one day with me, then next morning I have that sort of foggy head, you know cotton wool like!!!.

Hope things get better xx


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Are you drinking your water slowly? How much are you having each day? I only aim for 4 litres a day but don't know if your amount is too much or not
Irene xx


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stacey believe me when i say this it does get better
i`m on my 4th day and only slight headache now
on day 2 and 3 i thought my head was going to explode and i felt so sick
it will get better
kaz xxx


has started again!!
I thought I had flu my first week on LL. I can promise you, that yucky feeling disappears as fast as it arrives, honest!

Stick with it and you will feel great very soon!


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I really hope things get better Stace, these first few days aren't nice at all are they :(

Sending lots of :hug99: :hug99: :hug99::hug99: :hug99: :hug99: :hug99:

You have double whammy you are suffering carb and caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

If you need to have the coffee add it to vanilla, choc or cap shakes. I am sure you will feel much better in the morning.

All over the counter painkillers are okay so don't suffer if you need them take them.

It will pass and when ketosis kicks in you will feel great.

Hope you feel better in the morning.



i love minimins me :)
hey thank everyone

i am on 8th pint of water, so i think am doin ok on the water front, i jus took some paracetomol wen i had my shake with coffee and feel much better :) thanks everyone :)



The Me Is Back.........
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Well done thats day 2 nearly over.
Me off to play trains but will check in on you when i get home.
Well done



The Me Is Back.........
S: 23st0lb C: 22st5lb G: 16st0lb Loss: 0st9lb(2.8%)
Hi Stacey

Hope day 3 is going well for you.

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Hey Stace,

Hope uni is going ok, I'm in I.T. at the moment doing my group presentation thats due in on Thursday :sigh: so much to do!!!

Hope dietwise today is going well- I have managed one tetra and half a litre so far, which considering I have been busy looking at flats all morning is quite impressive I think!! Only 2 litres and 2 packs to go and thats day 3 done!!

Have decided I'm moving back into halls instead of getting a flat, and am due to move today or tomorrow, just awaiting confirmation of which room I'll be in at the moment and then its chocks away!! Lol hope you are as cheerful as me today hun, will speak to you later



i love minimins me :)
hey hun :)

wow thats quick bout ya halls :) r ya excited?
am miserable today, am not hungry in the slightest but i really really want to eat sumthin, i went to make my soup and saw a take away menu, and i actually wanted jus about everythin on it, its really doin my head in, am sat here cryin, wonderin why i let myself get so overweight that i now have to eat nothing for months

made broccoli and cheese soup was so vile i had to throw it away and have a different one, so now am a pack short :( and i still have one of those awful tomato ones, am not havin soups next week!!!

glad ya havin a fab day :)

speakin of uni, i have 13 assignments due in within the next 3 weeks :( not good


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