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I got my packs and a few questions

I've got my packs and I'm actually excited about Monday!
I love my CDC she is so nice and friendly :eek:

Anyway she was telling me you can now have some flavored water,sugar free jelly,suger free ice pops and sugar free polos and a little of any of the zero drinks (she mentioned coke and fanta)

Is this really true!! OMG I'm even more excited now

cdg x
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Hi, welcome!
Hmm, if this is true, I'm gutted I've missed out for the last 4 weeks.
I'm no expert but I didn't think any of this was allowed......... someone will either confirm this or correct me, someone who knows more than me......
Good Luck anyway though, excited is good! xx
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I'm fairly certain you can have the zero drinks but not the other stuff because they contain citric acid which can take you out of ketosis.


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Cd only say, CD water flavourings .


I lurve lurve lurve bars
what plan are you going to be on? I wouldnt have thought any of that apart from the zero coke would be allowed on anything below 810.....how great would that be if it was I love polos x


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i think everyone has said it already...

- flavored water (nope citric acid in it)
- sugar free jelly - never heard this
- suger free ice pops - or this
- sugar free polos - i sometimes have to odd sugar free gum for my death breath
- any of the zero drinks - only coke zero or dr pepper zero but cdc's still don't think it is a good idea as can be a slippery slope...

follow what the book says you can have for the plan you are following and then you can't go wrong
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Surely that's not all right. I very much doubt that we can have the jelly!! Thought it was cd products for ss until AAMW. It is very odd your CDC has told you this and every one else (me) has missed this info. Coz I thought polos were a no go too.

I we are allowed jelly, I'm going to home an bathe in it. Not kidding.
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Should be ok as long as you don't swallow it...........
i'm liking your 100 days to christmas Blue, is that on a thread I could join?
It's on a thread in the exante section :D I am doing exante but kinda wander through all the vlcd forums when I get bored that's why I posted here!
Are you on exante, if so come join us on the challenge.
Or you could start one here for cambridge peeps. x
It really helps you stay motivated and I love count downs lol
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LOL! i can't say I'm not disappointed! But I knew that!!


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Your jelly would be made from CD water flavouring and Mix a mouse mix, sugar free sweets/mints ect will give you the runs as the sugar free versions have a laxative effect when only drinking you food (that's from experience lol)
Shop brought sugar free jelly is low in calories and has no carbs so it won't make that's much of a difference. Zero drink are not great but if you must only have one a day
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Ha ha, there was a thread aaaaall about this the other day! xx


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the tone has been lowered yet again :) and not by tara this time :)
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Lol first time for everything!! X

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