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I had it.. Enough is enough!


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This will be the last time I ever "diet" in my life.. I'm so sick and tired. I have spent the past 30 some years "ON A DIET" and have gotten nowhere! It has been nothing but UP down UP down UP down on that scale and I'm through! :mad: I decided that enough was enough.. I got ahold of the Cambridge Diet and have promised myself I will stick to this plan without any sort of going off until I reach goal. This WILL be the last "diet" I will ever be on. I won't do this to myself any more.. This is IT!

Today is the first day of the rest of my life LOL.

Day 1 on Cambridge.. will reach goal this time..

Starting Weight 252

Will post my new weight each Saturday.
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Good luck with Cambridge diet and hopefully this will be the last diet you ever need to do.

The first few days can be pretty rough, so be sure to drink your water and take your packs and once your in ketosis the diet does become so much easier.

Be sure to take some photos of yourself now and body measurements as you will lose the weight so fast it is good to have the photos to see your progress as it can be difficult to see the change in yourself in the mirror as it takes the awhile for the head to catch up.

Mind you, you will notice it in your clothes for sure:)

Love Mini xxx
The very best of luck! :) The ketosis does make a huge difference to the way you feel, so hang in there for those 1st few days! -& drink drink drink! :D Be sure to let us know how you go! ;)

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Good luck to you, I felt pretty much the same as you when I started CD. I'd had enough and needed to change my life radically. I was also very, very sure that I'd be able to stick to it and that it would work. It is, I still have a long way to go, but every day is a day closer to the new me!

I know that you'll be able to do it Ajoyner, keep talking to us all, get through those first few days and you'll be fine!

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I felt the same way you did when I started LL last year. You have hit your right time right diet moment and you have minimins for support too so the sky's the limit :D

As for feeling like you have gotten nowhere with all those years of dieting, as I can say is that I dread to think how big I would have been if I hadn't been trying to diet :eek:

Put like that those years of trying were worth it. Even if I didn't actually lose weight (and continued to gain) I didn't gain as much as I would have done if I hadn't been trying :eek:
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welcome to CD, Ajoyner!
as with most of us, we were fat and sooooo fed up with nothing working. i think just before i phoned my local CD counsellor, i did all the research on this diet...and in my head, i just knew that this was my time to get on a serious, fast diet...and stick to it. i was ready in mind to do this. and, ajoyner, this was the best decision i have made in a while. :)

its hard, as most diets are, right?!?! but like the others have said, just get thru the first few days of cravings and the bodily changes, drink lots of water (3-4L a day is enough for me personally)...and you'll coast right through.

you are going to do great on this very very last diet you ever need to start. ;):D

oh, also, utilise this web site for every little thing you need!!! its been my rock thru the happy and the difficult moments of dieting.

oOOOo im so excited to see how your first weigh in goes!!
oh, and i second the idea to take before photos of yourself now! ((i did, reluctantly...but oh wow, im sooo glad i did. look thru my diary to see my progress pics if you like)) it gives you a well needed boost to dieting after losing so much. ;)

good luck!!!


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WOW! Thank you so much everyone.. what a surprise to see so many posts!! I'm so touched and ENCOURAGED!!! I appreciate you all so much for taking time out of your day to help me along! Today is DAY 3.. and still going strong.. looking forward to my first weigh in!! What a wonderful support team here!!

Mrs V

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Hi Ajoyner....well done on getting through so far!!!

Just keep drinking the water and you will do really well!


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Dis.. wowsers girl.. you look fantastic.. just checked out your pics.. WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!


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good luck with this, i too felt i had done all the diets and was sick of it, and this too is the last time i diet, i lost all my weight and then put 2stone back on, so im doing cd a second time to get rid of it, and i hope i have learnt my lesson this time, as i dont want to do this ever again, you will lose the weight and look fabulous,
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Dis.. wowsers girl.. you look fantastic.. just checked out your pics.. WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!

thanks so much! im glad you had a look because when i first started, seeing everyone's progress and after pics moved me sooooo much and it helped!

just think, you could be posting progress pics before you know it! ((dont forget to take them now though. ;);)))


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Thanks so much everyone for posting! So good to hear from you all!! Thanks for your support and encouragment. I'm really really thrilled to have my 4th day on plan just about behind me. These first few are the ones I dread the most (on any diet).. and know it will get easier (if you can call it that LOL).. I'm really enjoying Cambridge and all is going well as far as all that goes so glad for that too. I am fighting off the urge to check the scale every day.. going to really try and wait until Saturday on my weigh in days for that. Also having a hard time getting all my water in, but am making it a priority. Dis.. I hear what your saying about the progress pics.. they are totally motivating aren't they!!!! I started my weight loss journey back in June of 2006 doing low carb and managed to lose 100 pounds (310 to 210), but then got "comfortable" with my new size and totally board of eating LC and just lost my focus all together when my kids started school and I started a new job... I went back to my old eating habits & gained quite a bit of my weight back but for the life of me couldn't get restarted on my "diet" again, even though I did so well with it previously.. So, that's when I decided to give Cambridge a go - something new and exciting - .. and have determined in myself to make this MY VERY LAST TIME on a "diet" .. and I've never been so serious in my life. I'm so sick of having this whole weight issue control my life.. NO MORE! Cambridge will be the last diet I'll ever need. I plan to do Cambridge until goal and follow the maintance program from then on out..

Either way.. WHOOOHOO FOR Day 4 .. Things going well!
Way to go everyone on your progress.. I really love watching your tickers!! Very exciting!! Let's keep at it!


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Well done on getting to day 4 and good luck with your weigh in on Saturday!

I can hear the determination in your post and I do feel this will be your last diet:)

Love Mini xxx


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Thank you Mini.. you're a sweetheart!


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Made it through Day 5! Today was a struggle but managed to keep my focus. Thank God for that! Looking forward to weigh in on Saturday!
Keep it up

I'm probably similar to you I've had a weight issue all my life at my heaviest was was 15 stone 12lbs and lost 6 stone 12lbs in less than 6 months by not really eating a lot at all, your body has a way of not needing food once it gets used to it. I put on about 3 stone after a pregnancy and 6 years and decided it was time to do something about it. I just couldn't get the motivation together to eat a normal healthy diet as I always just have an extra cheese cracker or something similar, so decided CD was best for me. I have to say this is without doubt the easiest diet I've ever been on, once you get the first 3 days out of the way (trust me my mood was bad) it's easy and the best thing about it is I'm not at all hungry. The only downside is not being able to socialise in the same way, I haven't really seen my friends alot as it either involves drinking or eating. I'm not really that bothered though as when I do see them I'll look fantastic and hopefully be the same way for Christmas.....

Week 1 9lb:)
Week 2 7lb:D

I now officially have a bmi of 25 and am 10 stone 12lbs, but would be happier 10 stone 4lbs, don't think I'm ever going to be 9 stone again, not sure I even want to be, no boobs, hanging flab.
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It gets easier from here on in. Honestly!!

Keep up the good work - you will be glad you did come weigh-day.


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Thank you so much ladies for coming by and for the encouragement and sharing with me how things have been going for you. Way to go too on the weight loss!! WHOOHOO.. you gals are doing great, I'm so impressed with your progress thus far and really hoping to follow in your shoes.

Today is Day 6 and so far so good, no cravings or big temptations to cave. Yesterday I was really not hungry or anything like that, just my mind playing tricks on me because it was dinner time and everyone was eating.. and I kept forgetting that just because they were eating.. I wasn't going to be. It was sad, but when I refocused.. I remembered how HAPPY I was that I was actually doing something about my weight and felt really good about it. I went to bed being glad instead of beating myself up for going off plan like I have been struggling with for so long now, so it really did feel good.

I really am enjoying the Cambridge Diet and am finding it a wonderful help to me with problem area's I'd usually have in trying to lose weight - like making the right food choices and then with overeating. Cambridge is so cut and dry.. follow the plan and that's it. Nothing more to think about. Makes it soooooooo much easier and stress free! I can see myself doing well with this, as long as I keep my focus and stay strict.

Anyhow.. sorry to talk so much.. Just wanted to say thanks so much for the support and help! I truly am happy for you and your progress!! Minimin's has been a blessing.
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hiya Ajoyner!!
im so excited to hear of your first week results!! if you have been 100% SSing, then you are going to have a great loss!

what time are you weighing in??

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