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It's rotten when you feel like that. I got like that recently & now I'm being a stay at home mum for a bit. What job do you do?


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Primary school teacher - love being in the classroom, but hate all the other stuff that turns it into a 50-60 hour week. Just off to school now to plough through some more paperwork. Anyone who thinks their childs teacher is having a break in the easter school holidays - they aren't!
((hugs)) me too. But i can appreciate just how much hard work it is (thats why i love being a TA, all fun.. no responsibility!

try to enjoy what time you do have left when your not bogged down with work! seeing the kids again will make it all worth it, they'l be so thankful one day!


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Oh well - two more days at school without the kids (bloody bloody paperwork), then a weekend OFF (yep - not touching anything to do with school - apart from going to town to get Beatles / John Lennon related books for history but I don't mind that). Then I can get on and start my final term. The head will be announcing my resignation (AND the other KS2 teacher's) the first week back. Lets get the SATs done and pray that Ofsted doesn't turn up before I go (that really would be a shame as there's only 14 weeks left).


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Are you changing to supply because of the paper work and 'stuff'? At least 3 of the teachers in the school I used to work in did the same! As well as the Head being a complete control freak, I was a TA but now I am a nanny and love it, all play and no paperwork yay xx


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Jo - you hit the nail on the head. I'm year 5/6 , and the year 3/4 teacher is making the same move. I feel extremely taken for granted and put upon, and the amount of anger I feel towards my job really can't be healthy for me. Plus, it's ruining my life. It's a real shame because I love teaching and have a lovely relationship with my class. I'm on the 3rd day of the hols doing a full working day at school, with another one lined up for tomorrow, which I wouldn't mind so much if I thought that would mean I'd get everything done! Sigh.
As a trainee teacher, I can (sort of) understand your frustration, even as a trainee the paperwork is horrible and I know from other friends who are teachers that colleagues (heads in particular) can make it hell. One friend didn't even finish one NQT term at their first school due to bullying from the head!

You never know, after doing some supply work you might feel ready for a full time position again. Another friend of mine left their last position due to various reasons, finally started some supply work and has now started a new job in a new school, and feels much better.
My head is okay - just doesn't get that in most 'normal' jobs you aren't just expected to do 50-60 hours a week. I just feel like the more I do, the more I get given to do. I'm in my 5th year, and can honestly say that it's the hardest yet, and there's no sign of any improvements to be expected. I know we have long holidays, but we end up working through half of that time anyway. And maybe I'm a big lazy wuss, but I find that after three weeks of those kind of hours, with 34 9-11 year olds (9 with SEN or behaviour probs) that I'm bloody knackered, but still have to find the energy from somewhere to carry on with this for another three weeks til the next recovery / catch up break.

I know I'm an old moaner, but I could easily just weep at the idea of the start of this summer term starting next Monday.

BUT - I'm not going to. And I'm NOT going to comfort eat either.

AND - this term I'm putting a cap on my hours to max 50 per week. Every week. (lol - bet I don't - I felt guilty even typing that!)


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Hello fellow stressed/over worked teacher! I feel your pain sister! Im a secondary school teacher. We are already on our 5th day of the last term and i'm already for a break. Teachers have far too much paper work to do these days. It really gets on my wick!

Keep your chin up hun. x
Cheers Niknaks. What subject do you teach?

I just keep reminding myself of how it will feel to walk out of 'my' classroom on the last day of term, FOR GOOD. Without loads of bags of work to do, or lists of deadlines for the beginning of the next term.

Don't get me wrong - I'll miss my class, but half of them are off to secondary next year anyway, and I think supply will be TOUGH at times. But it'll be so good to have work that isn't day, evening and weekend shift.

Okay Niknak - here's to both of us staying sane til the end of July!


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Both my sons and their wives are teachers. I understand! But just make sure you make provision for your pension.
Pension is a consideration of sorts, but not enough to make me let the government take the pee for another 26 years! I'll look into the options though.
I am a parent govenor at my kids school and I was amazed when i realised how much work goes on 'behind the scenes' i knew there was some preperation but it seems to me likes its out of control now !!
When i hear people moaning about teachers pay...they just have no idea !!!
Thanks MommyB - and well done to you for giving up your time to be a governor for your school. x
Well done Flutter. I hope it all works out well. Let us know how it goes.
I'm just going to stick to supply at the moment as I know that there is no way that I could come across as positive and entheusiastic in an application / interview for a class teacher post. I think it'll be a good way to see if things are that crap in every school, or if there are some schools that I'd actually want to work for.

When do you start your new job? This term, or in September?
So we're on the same countdown to leaving our crappy jobs then.
I want to lose a stone by the time I walk out of there so I can start my new life feeling slim and confident!


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I haven't come back to this thread since my original reply ......... I have a place at uni this Sept doing a PGCE primary - found out today I passed my Science GCSE equivalency test, which was the only thing holding me back. This kind of thread really does put me off! Is teaching primary really that bad?

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