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I have a doctors appointment tonight


Loves Norman Reedus
thanks for that. I'm not worrying as i know that if it was the early stages of diabetes then with SW diet and exercise there is a strong possibility that i can get rid of it within six months.


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Just to reassure you diabetes is not the end of the world.

I was insulin dependant but the healthy regime and weightloss mans I am no longer insulin dependent. It can be reversed!

Good luck



Loves Norman Reedus
didnt go last night as i was stuck at work. but it is the half term next week so going probably Wednesday.x


synful soul
Let us know how you get on Tara.

Thinking of you,

Hugs xx


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I have restless leg syndrome, not sure if you've heard of or considered that, but its a blooming nightmare!

Anyhow proper medical advice is the way forward! Let us know how you go xx

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Really hard to explain, and there's no cure :(

It's like when you sit still your legs get all achy/crampy/pins and needly and you just have to move them or stamp your feet or something.

It's really irritating and has had me in tears on occasion.

Not nice but also not dangerous. Try googling it xx

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Hi Tara. I had something similar last year, constant tingling/slight numbness in my legs constantly for about 6 weeks. Went docs and had loads of tests done including the usual blood tests, MRI scan, nerve conductor test but they all came back fine. The tingling eventually wore off and the doc said it could have been a virus that attacks the ends of the nerves and causes the tingling. The body eventually fights the virus and the tingling wears off. I'm not saying this is what you have but just thought I'd share my experience.

Hope you get it sorted. x


Loves Norman Reedus
thanks, that is the word that i was looking for. Tingling. it is more tingling then pins and needles.
thank you xx

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