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I have a Ketosis question.

Quick question, I check my Ketosis this morning and had a fairly dark pink stick, tried again just and it did not change colour dispite sticking to ss 100% is it possible i had a dodgey stick or could I have been knocked out of ketosis some how???? Im a little confused!!!

Thanks Tess xx
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The dark pink colour represents dehydration in your body.
The stick should only be verging on light pink.
As long as it changes colour, then you ARE in ketosis.

Are you drinking enough water?

Hope this helps.



Trying very hard!

Really daft question but did you pee in a pot and dip the stick or did you pee directly on the stick?! If the latter is there any chance you could have missed?!

Also, depending on how hydrated you are can affect the colour of the stick, I used the sticks to help me find out how much water I should be drinking, when the stick was too dark I upped what I wad drinking and tested again the next day for a lighter reading.

I would test again in case there was something wrong with the stick.
I did the original test this morning before I drank anything so it may be due to dehydration, that could be why it was so dark.
Yep, as long as it changes that's a good sign.
You normally wouldn't get into ketosis until after day 3 though, so at the moment it probably won't be reading correctly.
I'd say wait until morning of day 4 and re-test.
There are a lot of people who can get into ketosis but it just not register on the ketostix (ask KD). Also if you had been drink your water before you used the second stick it could just be that you had very diluted ketones so it wasn't registering.
I personally hate ketostix as I think you can get really addicted to using them (not good when you're already hopping on and of the scales 100 times a day!;)). If you are losing weight at a pace that you are happy with and you're not hungry all the time then there's no need to use them. Are you happy with the way the diets going hun?
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Hello Kelly, thanks for your reply. The diet seems to be going well and im not as hungry as i was yesterday (2nd day). iv lost 3lb since starting so its definatley working.
As for being additcted to ketostix I am and I do constantly jump on and off the scales!!! It's really hard to walk past and not eek!!! I think its all part of the dieting experience.
I will lay off the stix and leave it a few more days as AG1981 suggested.
Thanks tess x

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